5 Predictions for the World of Enterprise AV for 2022

Today, integrated audio-visual systems are indispensable parts of communication solutions for all enterprises. There are innumerable ways to reap the benefits of audiovisual technology. Technological advancements, more skilled pros in the field, and other factors have led to the industry progressing in leaps and bounds.
2022 looks set to be another busy year for AV technologists with many trends emerging and competing to charge the industry and take it to new heights. Here are 5 predictions for Enterprise AV for 2022.
5 Audio-Visual Technology Predictions for 2022

  1. Sustainability in Audio-Visual Tech
    With the desire for green technology across different industries at an all-time high, it’s only natural that this will reflect in AV tech. Take for example – digital signages. There has been and will continue to be a trend with enterprises using digital signages more.
    Companies are using these as a mode of communication and are replacing paper signs and other tools for wayfinding with life-sized advertising standees. It’s more cost effective and time-saving in the long run. These also consume fewer resources. As companies will be using these more, designers need to create sustainably designed signages.
    That can mean using recyclable materials as much as possible. It also implies designers must create signages that will evolve. That means designs can help ensure the displays aren’t thrown out due to becoming obsolete but built upon when needed. That will greatly decrease the technological waste generated and create a more sustainable tech environment in general.
  2. Public Space
    While most of the world is still in lockdown and recovering from the same, it’s important to note that there is still a lot of value in setting up signages, etc. in public spaces. This is especially relevant in situations where on-ground personnel are few and far between as a safety measure. Gone are the days when audio-visual installations could be clunky and take up unnecessary space. Most areas have a smaller percentage of public space and that means planners have to make the most out of the spaces that they have. That means signages and other AV solutions that are to be installed outside must be large enough to help viewers navigate spaces and inform people, but not take up too much space.
    The signages must also be weatherproof and easy to use. They need to have the right lighting to be clear in ambient light. There has to be appropriate ventilation and casing to protect the tech from snow, rain, and dust. The content management system should be simple, sustainable, compact, easy to use in a public space.
  3. Touchless Environments and Automation
    Touchless controls are here to stay. These smart solutions are focused on creating efficient infrastructures and facilities that are safe and hygienic. The pandemic encourages the widespread application of touchless tech. People engage with their environments, use safe and user-friendly technologies, and more to build smart models.
    People are even constructing smart buildings which are enhanced with state-of-the-art AV systems.
    These also use sensors to ensure that occupancy levels are optimal. Touchless tech and enhanced digital signages reduce person-to-person contact and improve ventilation systems. Many such systems reduce the spreading of viruses and create a better business environment.
  4. AV Solutions for Hybrid Teams
    With the pandemic still in swing, it’s only natural that hybrid teams will be the future.
    This rings true for AV enterprise teams as well. Therefore, enterprise AV systems must be built in such a way that hybrid and distributed teams can use them smoothly. That includes setting up collaborative displays, high-quality video conferencing solutions, and more. These technologies will have to work smoothly across different points of location.
    It must also be easy to remotely troubleshoot any issues that can crop up. That will include tech issues, poorly functioning setups, massive amounts of data being stored in cloud systems, and more. While prevention is better than cure and it’s better to partner with an AV pro to install high-quality solutions, mess-ups do happen. Companies must be equipped to deal with those.
  5. Data-Driven Usage
    2022 is going to be all about data and using that to make decisions. Businesses will think about two aspects of data, one being data privacy and the other being data flow.
    The former has become a hot topic in the world of social media and information.
    Consumers the world over have become more sensitive towards how their information is used. For enterprise AV systems too, the data stored is even more valuable and requires a strong security system to protect it. Security will be in focus as employees access AV systems remotely and conduct confidential work on those channels. AV solutions will become even more secure and tightly managed.
    Data flow will entail using integrated sensors and other technology to collect different information. Certain systems will help management assess and track this data. These can also allow them to use the most suitable content for the different points in the customer’s journey. These tools don’t store customer information and won’t raise privacy concerns.
    These are the AV predictions for the coming year that will transform enterprise operations. Which of these do you see playing a big role in your enterprise setup?

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