A Vision for The Future of Enterprise AV

Enterprise audio-visual technology includes solutions for video conferencing, professional AV equipment, unified communications and collaboration systems, digital signages, screencast solutions, demo and experience centers, corporate command centers, and more. These are ground-breaking technologies that have revolutionized the way enterprise professionals communicate with each other and with their customers. AV solutions have led to information being shared and distributed in ever richer ways and at more rapid speeds than before. The rise has, in many ways, coincided with the new digital age which is a multi-sensory experience for the end-user.That being said, there’s always much room for innovation and the future of enterprise AV is exciting because of this incredible potential. Here are a few reminders to always stay cognizant of while imagining the next visionary solution that will take the corporate communications world by storm.

Focus on the Overall Experience Not Just the Technology.

For implementations on a global scale – well-thought-out, well-designed standardized products will become the norm. This will require close communication between the AV team, the IT experts, and the construction teams, architects, and designers. Doing this will create clearer channels of communication between all parties involved and more tightly integrated plans. There will be a better understanding of what they need to be able to do. This creates a seamless and consistent experience for every user, regardless of their physical location or function.

Crafting Experiences as Per Needs.

There will always be emerging applications of AV solutions. For example, there can be transitional spaces that will require innovative and unusual set ups. If it’s an event where people huddle around to watch and assess information from various media, there are different solutions for that. But if it’s an event where a speaker deep dives into a topic, you’ll need specific AV solutions to support that. AV for townhalls will be different from AV for CEO addresses. AV solution providers must understand the requirements of the customer and create flexible and functional solutions accordingly.


The AVaaS industry is going to get bigger and it will enable users to “purchase” products economically. Product acquisition will no longer be a major barrier to utility and adoption. An automatic upgrade path that will meet the client’s future needs will become part of the solution. New technologies will plug-in for enhanced utility and power. AI along with IoT and machine learning will continue to dominate the transformation of technology in every industry and AV applications will arise too. There will also be more attention on autonomous technologies and this will open the doors to many new and exciting possibilities of rich content formats and approaches.

Enabling Technology That’s Easy to Use Regardless of Its Purpose.

Ease-of-use is another important factor that goes into creating user-friendly solutions. What’s the point of a brilliant projection system in a board room that can only be operated by an IT engineer? Products and solution sets will bake “usability” into delivery. This may include training as well as innovative mobile-app options for FAQs. This results in the end-user effectively utilizing the technology to meet their needs. We will focus on intelligent design and the end-user experience and keep designers and architects in the loop at all times.

Give Freedom to Users to Constantly Innovate.

In the newly remote enterprise, it’s not just about giving an audio-visual experience in a conference room, but also on users’ devices. We will integrate solutions with IT security and other important applications. Giving room to your employees to innovate and come up with creative solutions and applications of audio-visual technology will become common. This is the best way to have a creatively fulfilled workforce and create ground-breaking and innovative projects. Remember that creativity and innovation complement clearly defined processes.

Keep the User Experience Need in Mind.

While the user-experience request starts with the AV team, it goes on to the IT team who will change it to fit security measures and corporate policies. The process then goes to various other departments and finally, the end product may look very different from what was initially designed. This is something to be careful of, as the end solution shouldn’t diverge from the initial requirement. Solution resilience will start at the design phase and continue to impact every stage thereafter to ensure the user gets a solution to their pressing communication needs -even as those needs keep evolving.

At Resurgent, we have over a decade of experience as experts in this field. We know the industry’s best practices and implement these in our award-winning audio-visual installations across the globe. We are constantly innovating and being creative in our approach to AV solutions, regardless of industry. But we’re also highly sensitive to the requirements of our clients and the market in general.

That’s the vantage point from which we look at the trends that are likely to govern the future. We have a vision of a high-tech future that creates unforgettable audio-visual experiences with only the best technology, all wrapped up in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing package.

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