Collaborative Technology And Group Learning Make Student Success 3.4 Times More Likely

April 10, 2019/POSTED BY ADMIN

Smart Technologies CEO Neil Gaydon in the study says that 'The results shed light on great teachers as the unsung heroes behind improved student success when technology is used in collaborative learning environments.

The traditional chalk-and-board method of teaching is phasing away, and in most schools, has completed been replaced with technology. Even overhead projectors are now becoming extinct.

Schools and educational institutions are now making use of interactive displays like SMARTBOARDS to name a few to reshape the way students are learning. Here are some ways to make classroom learning immersive and collaborative with the use of INTERACTIVE DISPLAY: -

1. Collaborative Teaching with Tech Boosts Social Learning
2. Interactive Displays Encourage Real-Time Collaboration
3. Displays Are Good Long-Term Tech Investments
4. Innovative Projectors Bring the Interactive Display Anywhere
To know more about how to make the most of interactive displays for a classroom,

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