The Best Practices To Follow To Make Your Conference Room Video Ready

May 07, 2019/POSTED BY ADMIN

Videoconference has become a normal go-to-meeting for most startups and enterprises, with teams working on the field, different offices and also from home. The requirements of a conference room have changed dramatically. Here are a few industry best practices to ensure your video conference set up is complete and successful.

1. Room lighting: Lighting places an enormous role in ensuring the correct experience for video conferencing. Keep in mind the shadows created by both artificial and natural sunlight. The key is to ensure the camera angle is away from windows.
2. Camera location: It is necessary to place the camera right in the center of the screen - this ensures everyone is capture and the bells and whistles trimmed. It should be at a height to simulate eye contact.
3. Microphone: When we talk about video conference it is equally important to pay attention to mic testing and mic assess. For large conference rooms, a ceiling mic is best and for small rooms a table top. Whatever the arrangement, it is always better to have a 1mic to 2 people ratios.
4. Furniture: Is a complementary tool for ensuring technology is best utilized. Lower chairs assembled around an oval or circular desk vs a rectangular desk with high chairs is preferred. This way everyone has access to the mic and also can be captured by the camera without leaning in.
5. Data Collaboration: A great solution is to mount a second display to allow for any data or visuals to be presented during the call without having to break “eye contact” with the caller.
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