Three unique ways AV solutions can take your presentation to the next level.

October 10, 2018/POSTED BY ADMIN

Complement your skills and the data at hand with innovative AV solutions for an impactful presentation.

While your facts, figures and presentation skills can all make a great pitch, the difference between a good presentation and a successful one can often be the technology you use in your conference room. A crisp display, great sound systems, optimum lighting and hassle-free equipment: these are AV solutions that go a long way in enhancing the content you share, the speech you make and the ideas you put forward.

Take meeting room acoustic, for instance. A good acoustic environment ensures the presenter’s speech is clear and comprehensible, leading to better collaboration. Or if you consider a large screen with impeccable clarity, you’re guaranteed a stunning visual representation, improving the impact your data can have on clients. The bottom line is that Good AV Solutions do justice to your work.

In today’s technologically advanced world, AV solutions like 4K monitors, touch panels and table microphones can play a vital role in business environments. And, therefore, it is important to take advantage of emerging technologies to upgrade your work, even if it’s just a presentation.

How do you achieve a competitive advantage with a simple presentation? Here are three unique AV solutions to help you with that.

Interactive Touch Display

Imagine working with several people in different places across national boundaries at the same time? Or the ability to create a presentation and make critical decisions on the spot? It’s all possible with large format touch displays. A great example would be the CTouch display. With its split screen capabilities, features such as videoconferencing, whiteboarding, annotating, etc., become available to a person at the same moment.

Wireless Presentation Solutions

The next in our line of fantastic AV solutions is wireless presentation. A universal screen mirroring software like AirServer can create a seamless wireless environment, enabling you to walk around while you present, share information from multiple devices at once and easily control the flow and transition of your presentation. A screen mirroring software makes your experience convenient and your presentation successful.

Dual-Camera System

The hero of every presentation is the speaker. It’s the speaker’s skills that make or break a presentation. But in most conference halls, the camera is designed to capture the entire room instead of just the speaker. Now, you can change that with a dual-camera system such as the Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60. The cameras focus only on the active speakers, creating a lifelike and personal interaction between the speakers and the listeners. Combine this with other innovative AV solutions, and you’ll have a winning presentation experience every time.

There you have it: three easy-to-use solutions for an immersive presentation.

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