Training Room Essentials for a Successful Training Session

March 19, 2018/POSTED BY ADMIN

When it comes to providing the best professional training programs to the employees, companies fail to understated that the best training room features and user-friendly environment can improve the overall learning experience and knowledge retention.

Wondering how you can improve your training and learning experience?

The criteria are to have a designated training room space with right technology, layout, configuration and environment. Even the small detailing can improve the engagement and collaboration that will enhance knowledge retention of the learner.

Here are few key Training Room Features:

Training Room Space

Room space should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the attendees. The high and the width of the room should be spacious enough to make the participant feel comfortable.


Training room venue should be located in such a place where it's easily accessible. Comfortable break area with onsite café with snacks and beverages and nearby restroom will keep the learners from getting late from breaks. Avoid posters, polls and other abstracts in the training room which can easily distract the attendees from viewing the training program or whiteboards.


Room temperature is a key factor for an effective training program. Being in a too hot or too cold room will distract the attendees from concentrating. To control the room temperature its always better to use the thermostat or HVAC controls were temperature can be controlled manually based on the requirements.


As much as room temperature is important, the bad room lightings also affect the focus of attendees in the program. The best option would be using the dim lights as per individual requirement. The room lighting normally originates from the room windows which also can be adjusted with shades or adjustable curtains. The windows can be darkened when using the projection screen or other light-sensitive training devices


The most effective way is the seating in the training room. It depends on what’s your goal of providing the training. If your goal is of providing an informal and relaxed way of exchanging the ideas then the traditional U-shaped or around seating atmosphere will be suited. Whereas the traditional classroom seating style can provide a more integrative atmosphere with the instructor and participants.

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