How I Have Seen AV Solutions Transform Since 2008 ?

Technology is an ever-evolving field that has changed the very fabric of existence for humankind. The past few decades have redefined how we experience the world around us. Today, technology has become an extension of our sensory organs. Looking back, I think this is something I recognized in 2008 when we established Resurgent.I remember many discussions, some semi-philosophical, that convinced me that humans, when equipped with all their senses, hold potential beyond completing mundane tasks. And in that quest, our most impactful and exhilarating senses involve our eyes and ears. In essence, this is why audio-visual technology has taken over the world today. Our senses become vehicles for ideas. And these ideas can be viewed by billions of people holistically.

Over a decade ago, when Resurgent started offering a new way for India’s leading corporates to look at AV Solutions, times were very different. Technology was nascent and skills were scarce. Companies also were attuned to looking at AV solutions less strategically.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to look back at all that has changed since then. Let’s explore some of the advancements in technology and AV that have created a new, high-tech environment unlike ever before.

1.      The AV Industry Is Now Standardized

We at Resurgent are a team of audio-visual experts. From the beginning, we wanted to create the circumstances that would allow corporates to take AV decisions based on the best available information. But for business stakeholders, this was not always easy. To be honest, in 2008, the audio-visual industry was very undefined and filled with investments from entities who didn’t actually understand the technology or how it would benefit them or their customers. This meant there was a high risk involved in implementing AV solutions. Over the years, the industry got standardized. More product understanding came in and processes got defined for identifying customer requirements and executing the solution. It’s thanks to these new systems and defined methods and checklists that that there is more understanding of the process and easier implementation in general. This new standards-driven system transformed the AV industry and today, it’s much more structured and professional than it was before.

2.      AV Solutions Are More In-Demand Today

Implementing these solutions became essential due to the change in how the average person consumes information. In 2008, people sent billions of text messages or used basic messenger apps. But in the 2010s, a revolution took place with the introduction of an unassuming device – a supercomputer that fits into your fist. Namely, the smartphone.  Now, in 2021, we communicate more through graphics, with videos taking centre stage. Whether you’re on Facebook or even LinkedIn, every application has become far more visual with videos, stories, reels, etc. This has changed the way people consume information. The introduction of the iPad further popularized people’s use of video technology. Network bandwidths improved and cameras became much more accessible.

This is why, AV solutions have become increasingly popular in many industries, including healthcare, travel, and education. Powerful AV solutions are now used in conferences, seminars, training modules, information centres, customer and brand experience centres, and more.

3.      Government Is Playing A Larger Role in Supporting the Industry

Corporates and governments alike now recognize that AV can be a champion sector. This acknowledgement (and some right policies) are enabling the sector to reach its long-term potential. For instance, new policies are emerging to support MSMEs like us, as these are important to India’s economic growth, having contributed 8% to the GDP. Our sector needs this support because much of the equipment has to be imported. We also have to interface with communication networks and plug into security rules and regulations. Easing regulations and simplifying compliance in all these areas is playing a tremendous role in driving innovation and adoption. This is especially relevant since India is home to the largest and most diverse media and entertainment industry in the world. Long-lasting and sustained legislative reforms are driving the economy forward and this holds for our industry too.

4.      Brand Communications Has Changed

In 2008, brand communications followed traditional methods, and advertisements were displayed on TV, in newspapers and magazines, and other such platforms. It’s 2021 and AV solutions have transformed brand communications (and advertising). Digital signages are gaining popularity in crowded city squares to reach out to more people in the shortest amount of time and in the most attractive way. These tend to be impactful and impressive to look at. According to a study by Grand View Research, Inc., the global digital signage market size will attain USD 31.71 billion by 2025. Brands are now expected to communicate their stories, purpose, and core with the audience in authentic and meaningful ways. This is driving up their use of sophisticated AV solutions to build demo centres and brand experience centres that offer high-quality immersive experiences.

5.      The Way Information Is Shared Has Changed

In 2021, people no longer want to touch brochures or anything tangible out of fear of contracting a deadly virus. This has changed the landscape of many industries, including the corporate world, education, entertainment, the government, hospitality, healthcare, and of course – travel and tourism. Corporate communications has moved to Video Conference. Boards meet remotely. Investors review pitches and reports over powerful IT + AV integrated infrastructure. In a very clear sense, AV has become the backbone of the corporate communications ecosystem. That apart, we have installed interactive video walls in airports, hospitals, and many other establishments

6.      The Rise of Every Day Technology

The 2010s was a decade that saw the rise of daily-use technology. This includes social media platforms, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. These have radically changed our lives and are continuing to gain momentum. One reason why social media technology is so popular is that it transcends barriers. Essentially, audio-visual technology can reach a wider audience than any other type of media.

In 2021, cloud computing has emerged as a huge game-changer. We live in a time of remote working – something that wasn’t conceivable back in 2008. Enterprises used cloud-based solutions expansively over the past year to increase their reach and improve accessibility to corporate tools. This will continue to be the scenario as long as social distancing protocols are in place for organizations. High-quality video and audio tools will also reduce infrastructure costs and increase efficiency.

We at Resurgent have been transforming the digital world with our holistic AV solutions since 2008. We have seen the technological landscape evolve over the years – through the booms and the recessions. With this knowledge and a dedicated team of over 80 employees, we design, integrate, and incorporate the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities for the world’s biggest corporate brands. From conference rooms to experience centres, we’ve transformed all kinds of environments for a wide range of companies across industries. Our solutions have brought us awards and recognition in industries such as tech, healthcare, IT, finance, and more. This has been achieved thanks to our lived experience of watching AV technology bloom over the years!

Sanjeev Srinivasan

CEO- Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd

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