The Employee Experience – Challenges, Opportunities, and the Powerful Role of AV Solutions

Employee Experience is emerging as one of the most important drivers behind an engaged, connected, and motivated workforce. It’s a precursor to better performance and higher levels of productivity. Employees also feel more encouraged to stay in the organisation for longer. In turn, such a team creates better business outcomes. In the end, a happy and loyal workforce means more satisfied customers. So, how can companies create such an employee experience? What are the associated challenges and opportunities? And can audio-visual technology lead the way in creating these experiences? In this blog, we shall explore all this.

Crafting the Ultimate Employee Experience

The core pillars of employee experience can be divided into company culture, physical work environment, and workplace technology. All these three together create the kind of environment an employee needs to thrive.

Company Culture

The first influence on the happiness of an employee is the culture of the company they work for. This plays a huge role in defining how employees feel while they go about their duties. This affects the employees’ performance, their level of collaboration, and how much they can engage with each other. Some other factors include having understanding leaders and feeling empowered to make decisions. Developing a good company culture is pivotal in creating a healthy employee experience. The main challenge here lies in persuading all your team members to participate in activities related to the office. It’s particularly difficult in today’s culture of remote working.

Physical Work Environment

An employee’s physical space plays a large role in their general happiness and satisfaction. Discomfort is never a positive sign, so leadership must ensure the work environment is conducive to a good employee experience. That can be confusing since the employee experience goes beyond simply having the basics of your conventional office space. But how would leaders understand what extra elements create the perfect space? Also today, with everyone working remotely, there are new challenges. Organizations are turning more than ever to employee surveys to get a view of the mind of the employee. This will help you understand their problems and figure out how to tackle them. But it doesn’t end there, as one must take the findings of these surveys and derive actionable insights from them.

Work Place Technology

Whichever industry you’re in, technology plays a huge enabling role in speeding up work processes and helping employees increase efficiency. It facilitates faster and better communication across departments, conveys information efficiently, and helps people stay connected. The modern-day workforce demands the latest technology to be able to give the best possible output. Not meeting the basic technological needs will adversely affect productivity and this will negatively affect their overall experience working for your company.

How AV Technology Creates A Better Employee Experience

Creates Better Modes of Communication

The pandemic made all workers remote and teams distributed. All employee and customer communications and engagement had to become digital. This has made new AV solutions essential. Video conferencing, remote collaboration, broadcast communications, and customer engagement demand high-quality, interactive, intelligent, and intuitive AV solutions. This holds both inside and outside the office space. Video conferencing allows for remote meetings, better collaboration, facilitates communication between people situated in different places globally, and more. Remote access and video streaming also help improving communication.

Digital signages can be impactful as well, as monitors and touchscreens give up-to-date information on both internal and external announcements and information. These technologies can be updated quickly, as can the content. Edits are executed immediately, across relevant display screens placed across locations, and this saves a lot of time. The best part is that technology such as this is rarely inefficient and even human error, such as inputting incorrect information, can be dealt with swiftly.

Enhances Collaboration

AV systems dovetail effectively with organizational efficiency strategies like centralized storage of the information. Files can be accessed from a single location by people to be used by AV technology throughout the office. Many companies have even built fully integrated rooms for tech-powered collaborations. These immersive rooms can aid advanced work on various projects, bring people across locations into one space, make training sessions more participative and impactful, and facilitate remote access. Additionally, touchscreens, remote device connectivity, easier access to files, and other technological experiences can help the process of discussions related to decision-making. Creating such a technology-enhanced environment helps lay the foundation for an excellent employee experience across functions and roles.

New Tech Makes People Happy

Happiness and productivity are symbiotic – and the more open and flexible your policy about adopting innovation is, the better your employees’ experience will be. Tech boosts thought, interaction, and better interpersonal connections. It elevates systems above impassive written communication and emails, and towards ideation through dialogue, thanks to video and chat collaboration. This enables a friendlier work environment where every employee is seen, heard, and acknowledged.

When we started in this space, AV solutions were the remit of the IT department, because businesses would only see the hardware component of the solutions. As time has passed, it has become easier to highlight the value of these solutions and prove how these could drive up employee performance, enhance customer perceptions, and create better communication between stakeholders.

There is a perceptible shift in enterprises towards holistic solutions and strategic interest in the impact they can have. Today, there’s a new wave of adoption of AV solutions in the enterprise. New use-cases are emerging all the time and most of them link back directly to the desire of the enterprise to provide a powerful, enabling, and empowering employee experience.

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