What’s New with LED Video Walls

Companies today are constantly leveraging technological interventions to take their brands to the next level and establish a distinct identity. Consumer-oriented brands, for example, use visual displays or video walls to attract passers-by, showing advertisements for their products or services. According to a recent Fortune Business Insights market study, the LED video wall market will be worth USD 36 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of nearly 11%.

The space is rapidly evolving as a result of the market’s increased need for more attractive and immersive advertising and branding. And that is why businesses are investing in and improving their audio-visual strategies to connect with a wider audience at a deeper level. These LED video walls not only provide excellent video quality but also have the ability to share dynamic messages that can be controlled from the backend. This keeps the interest quotient high among the watchers.

Retail stores, media houses, auditoriums, airports, etc., are some of the most common and simple examples of where LED video walls are and can be used. As the need grows, so does the level of emerging trends and advancements. Below, we have listed some of the most recent technological advances in the LED video wall space.

Video Walls Are Going Dynamic

Because of their limited functionality, video walls were previously used to display the same image for an indefinite amount of time. However, with the latest advances, these video walls are becoming dynamic, and the content is being updated based on the need and value it drives in real-time. With integrated audio-visual capabilities, video walls can display any content at any time and deliver it to viewers without a hitch.

Better Quality for Better Results

The LED video wall market is evolving because the concept of simple video walls does not serve the purpose of engaging with the audience profoundly. With LED video walls, visibility improves significantly because the displayed rays are focused and provide exceptional clarity, regardless of the angle the audience looks at them. Much of the prominence can also be attributed to the fine pixel pitch. 

Besides ensuring better visual quality, LED video walls are a great way to save money and ensure sustainability because LEDs are energy efficient.

Bringing AR and VR to Life

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the two most powerful technological pillars. Thus, when we discuss LED video walls, we must also discuss the most recent advancements in AR and VR. This is similar to virtually trying on clothes and makeup in-store for a genuinely unique and fantasy-like experience. Such use cases can be brought to life using LED video walls, something that serves as a testament to the fact that these walls will only grow in prominence from here.

How Do These LED Video Walls Benefit Companies?

Easy Brand Message Delivery

LED video walls not only provide high-resolution content to viewers but also leave an indelible impression on their minds. How? Imagine running an ad campaign on these video walls and instantly capturing the attention of the nearby audience. This can be accomplished through the use of logos, images, and brand segmentation, which would otherwise not reach and engage the audience who aren’t explicitly looking for it. These displays are an excellent way to highlight products that people may or may not be looking for but are relevant to their needs.

For example, PADS4 digital signage is precisely what brands require today. With no industry constraints, these signages can be both static and dynamic, depending on their role. This means they can aid in wayfinding or serve as a simple interactive zone for visitors. PADS4 not only provides flawless AV integration but also the ability to customise your message based on the situation. As such, it perfectly befits the buildings with a high volume of visitors, as brands can do targeted marketing and easily deliver their brand message.

Allow Effortless and High-end Content Delivery

LED video walls provide engaging content that not only attracts but also holds the visitor’s attention, causing them to pause and consider the message displayed on the screen. They can be seamlessly placed throughout the facility, making them immensely viable in open spaces as well as dedicated establishments like retail stores or corporate offices – to present content to a broader audience.

Content management software or devices can be used for this purpose. Solutions such as Samsung Flip can easily accomplish this by projecting content onto larger displays. This enables the LED video walls to accommodate dynamic content in retail stores or make classrooms more interactive and presentations more collaborative. Resurgent helps implement such integrated solutions that enable organisations to display content without hassle and technical impediments.

Cost-effective with No Frequent Investments

The question now is how to make these ideas a reality if a facility is on a budget. Technology may appear to be a significant investment, but if done correctly, it can save a substantial portion of your allocated budget with little to no future investments in these systems. 

Notably, the solutions must be user-friendly, requiring minimal assistance from service providers. Using multiple AV solutions is never a good idea because it not only adds to the overall value chain but is also not cost-effective. This is precisely where we can help. At Resurgent, we furnish ideas and solutions that are ideal for organisations that want to operate and level up their AV integration seamlessly.

Our industry partnerships and expertise have enabled us to implement the best solutions to make your large complexes futuristic and consumer friendly. Relish business growth on the back of AV enhancements. Book a free consultation today.

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