Crestron Flex

Optimise video conferencing, wireless presentations and smart room control with a single device

No matter where team members are connecting from, Crestron Flex ensures superior and consistent audiovisual quality across devices. A Crestron Flex device can be used in any room of any size, where it merges unified communication, room scheduling, wireless presentation and device management. It also provides a single interface for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, and is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) conferencing environments. Crestron Flex’s work-from-anywhere solution answers the challenges of hybrid work spaces.

Suitable for any space

Whether users are meeting from a home office or in a large conference room, Crestron Flex delivers a consistent audiovisual experience across spaces and devices.

Collaborate on any platform

Crestron Flex is a single interface for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. In BYOD conferencing systems, it helps users bridge their devices with the workplace’s native technology.

Consistent audiovisual quality

With its high-fidelity audio feature, high-resolution video display and an intelligent HD camera, Crestron Flex delivers excellent clarity and connectivity.

Room management and control

Room scheduling systems and XiO cloud workplace analytics help manage and measure how rooms are being used. Crestron Flex can also automate lighting control, making spaces more responsive.

Holistic product solutions

The Crestron Flex range includes phones, table-top consoles, soundbars, and room scheduling software. The solutions can be customised as per each room’s space and functionality.

Make meetings and room management more effective with Crestron Flex.