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Smooth inking experience with a wide palette of colours, strokes of varying thickness, brush-mode with oil and water colours, and a multi-writing functionality for up to 20 users.

Image editing and


With an assortment of editing options, you can crop, merge and correct images. A special note layer enables users to write comments on a document without affecting its original content.



Samsung Flip can be synced with multiple devices. You could work on laptop files directly using Flip, and the content on Flip can also be projected on larger displays.

Easy access

to files

With Samsung Workspace, you can open and work on files on the cloud, while the document viewer can directly open Word, PowerPoint and PDF files. You can also access files via USB and browse the web.

Enhanced safety

and security

Maintain confidentiality or lock WIP content with a six-digit password. Samsung Flip also has antimicrobial coating and shatterproof film for easy handling and safety.

Wide industry


Make classrooms more interactive, improve the impact of business presentations, and engage customers with dynamic content in retail spaces with Samsung Flip.

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