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The PADS4 Designer offers you the tools to design your message, add web pages, rich text and PowerPoint presentations, animate the content as well as add video and audio.

Targeted audiences &


With the PADS4 Scheduler, you can specify the audience, timing and duration of each message by simply dragging and dropping your message into the calendar.

Delivery & performance


PADS4 Agent monitors the delivery and performance of your messages, while also enabling you to remotely inspect the network, memory usage and more.

Real-time data

and smart tools

Whether it's measuring footfall and streamlining customer support in retail spaces through data or using occupancy sensors to optimise room and desk management in offices,

Wide industry


From corporate offices, transport hubs and retail outlets to restaurants and public spaces, manufacturing units and hotels

Dynamic and


PADS4 software adapts to various functions: internal communication, meeting room scheduling, hotel and hospital kiosks, transport updates, and mall wayfinding.

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