Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Meet, ideate and collaborate with Microsoft’s interactive whiteboard and meeting platform

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is a versatile tool designed for teamwork that transcends boundaries. The interactive whiteboard doubles up as a screen for instant meetings, enables collaboration across devices and creation via Microsoft 365, and applies the latest technology to optimise sound and display.

Microsoft Whiteboard-enabled

Microsoft Whiteboard, a collaborative digital canvas with a best-in-class pen inking experience, helps teams visualise ideas and collaborate.

Instant meetings on Microsoft Teams

Purpose-built Microsoft Teams loads automatically, allowing approved participants to sign in without waiting for authentication.

Pre-loaded with Microsoft 365

Use Microsoft’s universally-applied software and tools to enhance creativity and teamwork, and add apps certified for Surface Hub.

Collaborate across devices

Participants can join meetings using their own devices via Proximity Join. In larger spaces, multiple Surface Hubs can be connected to present diverse content.

Portable and battery-powered

The Steelcase Roam wall mount can be easily installed, while the mobile stand and APC Charge mobile battery allow the device to be moved between rooms.

Excellent audiovisual clarity

Equipped with a modular camera, two-way stereo speakers, pixel sense display and a native 4K resolution with anti-glare.

Improve team productivity with Microsoft’s most advanced collaboration tool.