Zoom Rooms

A customised collaboration space that enhances your Zoom meeting experience

As the first certified AV integrator for Zoom Rooms in India, Resurgent offers an entire suite of services that amplifies the ease and efficiency of Zoom, the world’s first Software Defined Video Conferencing (SDVC) system. This includes AI-powered smart features, digital signage, room scheduling and management, and a Kiosk Mode virtual receptionist.

AI-powered features

Zoom Rooms’ AI creates a Smart Gallery, enabling multiple members in a room to be presented in individual screens for higher participation. AI is also used for hot-desking, allowing for better space utilisation.

Easier handling

The one-touch feature helps users join Zoom meetings with the click of a button. Zoom Room meetings can be initiated on personal mobile phones, and voice commands have been expanded to include more functions.

Room scheduling

Zoom Rooms comes equipped with Scheduling Display software, allowing users to book rooms, see the number of participants, and view the meeting calendar for each room.

Digital signage and virtual receptionist

Digital signage features can display information and updates throughout the workspace. The Kiosk Mode in Zoom Rooms makes your support team available for virtual yet personalised interactions at key touchpoints.

Compatible with multiple hardware brands

Zoom Rooms has been tested on a wide range of equipment to ensure optimised HD audiovisual output. Zoom Rooms also offers its own ‘hardware as a service’ plan for a flawless audiovisual experience.

Optimise your meeting and collaboration experience with Zoom Rooms.