Simulate Endless Possibilities

SIMStation is the leading European manufacturer of AV systems and software for simulation centers. SIMStation's solutions are used for clinical simulation, medical education, exams and assessment procedures as well as training of aid organizations and disaster control. Resurgent AV along with SIMStation brings you the best in class AV Solutions for Simulation and Learning Centers.

Ultimate AV system for Simulation & Learning Centers

SIMStation simplifies and automates the execution, assessment and documentation of simulation processes, thus saving valuable time and resources that can be used for process optimization, participant support and learning outcomes.

Completely free configuration of infinite simulation

Can be equipped with an unlimited number of compatible audio & video devices, computers and tablets. Full-HD video transmission and lossless & latency-free audio quality through Dante® technology. suitable for in-situ simulations as well as for preclinical, clinical & educational application.

Plug & Simulate

Use of media screens is a unique selling point of SIMStation, which has proven to be practical, user-friendly and almost indispensable in simulation practice. With this useful tool, specific data formats (documents, images or videos) can be transmitted directly from the control room to the training participants. The scenario can thus be quickly and easily expanded - by including parameters such as X-ray images, blood findings or ultrasound images.

SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential has asserted itself on the market as the most convincing high-end solution. This is mainly due to the fact that SIMStation - in contrast to conventional ultra-mobile systems from other suppliers - in addition to the advantages of ultra-mobility guarantees full quality and full functionality. This applies to the premium camera and microphone equipment, the perfectly aligned software as well as the systemic flexibility, which fully covers the separate units of simulation, control and debriefing.

SIMStation Pro Gen 2

SIMStation Pro Gen 2 is the most comprehensive and transportable AV system for professional recordings and video-assisted debriefings on the market. It enables users to perform professional simulation scenarios quick and easily.  The system is delivered in transportable boxes: with all the necessary hardware and software, pre-configured and equipped with all connections. Thus, the SIMStation Pro Gen 2 is completely ready to go from the beginning.

SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise is the ultimate solution for simulation and learning centers - with almost unlimited application possibilities and an impressively scope of functions. The modular variable character of SIMStation Enterprise allows thereby a completely free system arrangement.

The most comprehensive AV system for Simulation on the market