Enhance healthcare education with SIMStation simulations.

SIMStation audio-visual system solutions are used in simulation and training centers as well as in clinical and pre-clinical institutions worldwide. Europe and the USA are served by our headquarters in Vienna and Miami, while other countries are covered by a dense network of distributors.

Deliver the best with our AV systems

SIMStation components

Software solutions

At the heart of our AV systems for video-based simulation training is the SIMStation Software. This powerful software allows you to easily prepare, control and analyze your simulation training. As an open operating system, the SIMStation Software is a customized solution. From the functional scope of your software package to the variable user interface, all aspects of the SIMStation Software can be customized to your needs.

High-end hardware

Any video-based simulation system is only as good as the AV technology used for it allows. High-end technology is not merely a supplement to a professional simulation, it is the basic precondition of such a simulation. That is why we rely exclusively on renowned manufacturers for our AV systems.

Project implementation

SIMStation systems are customized solutions. As a full-service provider, we offer you a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire course of your simulation project. Our interdisciplinary team of experts guarantees that you will receive professional support and all-round service at every stage of the project.

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SIMStation: Features & services


Enables absolute seamless recording and control of simulation scenarios across multiple rooms.


Intuitive control tools of the SIMStation Debriefing Software enable debriefing based on the set annotations and checklist entries.


Configure, control and send live streams to multiple SIMStation Players in your simulation center or to internet platforms.


Extensive archive functionality: with supported export function to cross-platform file types as well as to raw AV files for post production.

Scenario design

esign and develop your simulation scenarios easily and share them with a worldwide simulation community.

Assessment / Evaluation

Create and develop your own assessment procedures, scenario parameters & checklist formats to screen, analyse and evaluate the simulation results.

SIMStation: Areas of application

Preclinical simulation

SIMStation: Designed for Professionals in Medicine, Paramedicine and Caretaking.

Medical education

SIMStation: For a Successful Transition from Education to Professional Practice.

Exams & Assessment

SIMStation: Designed for Controlled and Automated Examination & Evaluation Routines.

Aid Organizations & Disaster Control

SIMStation: Designed to Prepare for Emergencies & Extreme Situations.

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