Maximize business potential with Logitech's workspace solutions

Empower seamless connection and collaboration anywhere with our business-certified solutions, spanning from video conferencing in meeting rooms to personal webcams and home desk collaboration devices.

Microsoft Teams certified devices for all workstyles

Changing to a hybrid work culture?

Make an effortless transition
with our AV solutions.

Logitech-Teams solutions: Enhancing collaboration

Smart conference solutions

Logitech offers smart conference room solutions optimized for Teams meetings.

Flexible room configurations

Logitech's equipment adapts to various room sizes and layouts for versatile Teams meetings.

Personalized settings

Logitech devices offer customizable settings for tailored Teams meeting experiences.

AI-driven enhancements

Logitech integrates advanced AI features to boost productivity and collaboration in Teams.

Robust security measures

Logitech devices prioritize security, meeting the stringent requirements of Microsoft Teams.

Seamless tool integration

Logitech seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's suite of productivity tools for a comprehensive collaboration experience in Teams.

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