Interact with customers personally, no matter where you are

A cloud-based video communications platform powered by Resurgent, Surge+ enables companies to greet and guide customers virtually. Surge+ is a versatile application that enables personalised interactions for various purposes, from visitor management and wayfinding to customer support. The interface can be installed at multiple locations, offering companies the chance to instantly engage with customers on a one-to-one basis, making each interaction more productive.

Multifunctional application

Surge+ can help automate a wide range of customer-facing services, whether it’s wayfinding, customer guidance, remote assistance or visitor management.

Instant access and assistance

Using QR codes, NFC or web links for different tasks, each Surge+ device allows customers to access precise information by scanning a code.

Jump screen technology

Screens can be placed at key touchpoints, enabling staff to accompany and assist customers throughout their visit to your store, without having to be physically present.

Install at multiple locations

From hotel lobbies and retail spaces to boardrooms and IT centres, Surge+ can be installed at various places to serve unique functions.

Effortless monitoring

View important information on a single dashboard, and get access to updates about staff members and functions just by scanning custom codes.

Increase your presence and customer interaction at key touchpoints with Surge+.