hp-ms teams

Drive your conversations with hp and Microsoft Teams

Poly's Microsoft Teams certified solutions lead the way in hybrid work setups. We provide professional-grade audio and video products ensuring exceptional Microsoft Teams experiences, regardless of your location.

Microsoft Teams certified devices for all workstyles

Changing to a hybrid work culture?

Make an effortless transition
with our AV solutions.

HP-Teams collaboration essentials

Integrated hardware

HP offers hardware optimized for Teams, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance.

Enhanced audio/video

EHP devices provide high-quality audio and video for clear communication in Teams meetings.

Intuitive interface

HP's user-friendly interface simplifies access to Teams features and controls.

Advanced security

HP prioritizes security with advanced features to meet Teams' requirements.

Customizable configurations

Tailor HP solutions to meet specific organizational needs and user preferences.

Aeamless tool integration

HP devices seamlessly integrate with Microsoft's productivity tools for comprehensive collaboration within Teams.

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