Microsoft Teams

Optimise workflows, improve meetings and make collaborations seamless

Microsoft Teams is much more than a meeting platform for businesses; it’s also an effective tool that helps teams streamline workflows, store files on the cloud, host online events for up to 1,000 people, and present material more effectively using Microsoft 365. Whether teams are working in office or collaborating remotely, Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable tool for companies.


Users can create multiple chat groups, form channels for specific topics, contact one another through direct messaging, audio and video calls, write notes using rich text, GIFs and emoticons, and make announcements.


Users can schedule meetings in advance and add participants, choose backgrounds, simultaneously view the primary Teams dashboard during presentations, highlight important participants, and use the Together mode to bring all the participants into the same virtual space.


Audio calls deliver excellent clarity using the Background Noise Compression feature. Voice calls can be made to internal and external contacts, while Microsoft 365 enables PSTN calls as well. Users can also route and queue calls with a cloud-based phone system.


Microsoft Teams makes collaboration effortless by offering project management tools. Users can share even heavy files over cloud, access meeting transcripts, add Microsoft partner services and tools, and edit Microsoft Office files directly on the platform.

Connect people and improve productivity with Microsoft Teams.