Integrated AV Solutions for

Public Sector

Agencies that administer large areas and deliver varied services to citizens require the latest audiovisual technology that is scalable yet precise. From command center audiovisual solutions that display high-quality multimedia content with zero latency to meeting room facilities that enable discussions with multiple local and remote participants, our offerings create the audiovisual infrastructure that's essential to the effective functioning of public sector agencies.

Solutions for

Public Sector


Control Rooms

Our control room audiovisual solutions help teams multitask while monitoring and coordinating diverse operations across regions. The solutions include video walls with Active LED displays for up-to-the-minute monitoring and high-quality output, room control equipment for seamless scheduling, and facilities for wired as well as wireless communication
  • 24/7 standard Active LED display or video wall displays
  • High-processing video wall controllers
  • Zero-latency transmitters and receivers for signal transmission
  • Room control with touch-based interface


The hub of critical discussions and long-term planning, boardrooms call for AV support that accurately conveys the bigger picture as well as the finer details. Our boardroom audiovisual solutions offer everything from communication platforms that enable seamless interactions to facilities that streamline room management and usage, resulting in more productive meetings.
  • Premium audio through ceiling speakers
  • 1.5mm pixel pitch Active LED display or 4K resolution LED displays
  • Ceiling or table-mount microphones
  • Multiple cable cubbies on the table for wired presentation
  • Advanced wireless presentation system
  • Room scheduling panel
  • Room control with touch-based interface

Meeting Rooms

With large teams and a wide range of specialists, public sector agencies depend on meeting rooms as touch points for briefings, reviews and presentations. Our meeting room audiovisual solutions emphasise easy collaboration between dispersed teams, with high-quality displays, the latest video conferencing equipment and room scheduling systems.
  • 4K resolution LED displays
  • Audio through ceiling speakers
  • Ceiling or table-mount microphones
  • Cable cubbies for wired presentation
  • Advanced wireless presentation system
  • Room scheduling panel
  • Room control with touch-based interface


Public sector agencies interact with multiple stakeholders, and the auditorium is a venue in which they can all be addressed together. Our auditorium audiovisual systems are customised to offer uniform sound and display throughout the vast space, and also include the latest presentation and video conferencing equipment.
  • 24/7 standard Active LED displays or video wall displays or high lumens projectors
  • Line array speakers and microphone systems
  • Video wall controllers
  • Transmitters and receivers for signal transmission
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Recording and streaming systems
  • Room control with touch-based interface
  • Mics, Catchbox, Wireless lapel and handheld microphone

Training Rooms

Public sector agencies operate in dynamic industries, and training programs help them stay up to date. To streamline the flow of information during these sessions and encourage interaction, our training room audiovisual solutions use advanced presentation equipment, as well as displays and audio panels that help trainers reach every member in the room.
  • Interactive display or interactive projector
  • Premium audio through ceiling or surface-mount speakers
  • Wireless lapel and handheld microphones
  • Wall plates for wired presentation
  • Advanced wireless presentation system

Experience Centres

With a wide spectrum of stakeholders to address, public sector agencies rely on experience centres to share a common narrative with everyone. Using advanced audiovisual technology such as video walls and interactive displays, agencies showcase important projects and achievements, offer museum-style walkthroughs, enable stakeholders to visualise future plans and projections, and explore the connections between diverse sectors.
  • Projectors, LCD and Plasma screens
  • AV mixers and editing tools
  • Portable and fixed sound systems
  • Lecterns and lectern microphones
  • Audio and lighting mixing consoles
  • Theatre, stage and effect lighting
  • Induction loop systems
  • Comprehensive training

Key features



Greater connectivity and state-of-the-art control rooms offer the latest information and clearer details, which are essential for decision-making.

Connect Multiple


Unified Communication technology and the latest audiovisual infrastructure ensure that you can seamlessly get in touch with multiple local and global partners

Enjoy a

wider reach

The right audiovisual infrastructure can expand your connectivity across diverse areas, thereby improving your presence and quality of service.

Changing to a hybrid work culture?

Make an effortless transition
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