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Retail is becoming increasingly experiential, immersive and personalised, and audiovisual technology is driving this transformation. From interactive audio-video platforms that enhance the shopping experience for customers to specialised offerings that make retail spaces more brand-specific, our integrated AV solutions help businesses stay dynamic and distinctive.

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Digital Signage

Sound and visual displays amplify the quality of your retail space. Right from the digital signage at the entrance to video walls that showcase premium content, web pages and marketing messages, our integrated AV solutions can improve the customer's interaction with your brand.
  • 4K resolution LED displays
  • Digital signage player
  • Digital signage software
  • Centralised scheduling

Digital Wayfinding Solution

Wayfinding applications can streamline the customer journey, ensuring that users of your service or product find what they're looking for. Digital kiosks enable customers to identify their location in relation to your store, while the app allows them to transfer directional information onto their phone for quick and effortless navigation.
  • Digital kiosk
  • Wayfinding software
  • Thin client PC to load content

Public Address System

Whether it's through music that creates an atmosphere or marketing messages that convey relevant information, sound can boost customer engagement. Our audio solutions can be customised for any kind of retail space, with a comprehensive system of the latest microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
  • PA amplifiers
  • PA speakers
  • Gooseneck microphone
  • Zone controllers

Key features


customer interactions

Increase your presence at key touchpoints and offer one-to-one virtual assistance to customers when and where they need it.

Make your store

more unique

With engaging multimedia content and dynamic displays that highlight the latest offers, audiovisual solutions can draw and retain your customer's attention.


customer journey

Interactive wayfinding solutions can help customers locate your store and easily find the product or service they're looking for.

Changing to a hybrid work culture?

Make an effortless transition
with our AV solutions.

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