Transforming Microsoft Teams Rooms with Jabra's AV Enhancement.

From home offices and personal spaces, to meeting rooms and on the front line, wherever your team wants to work, Jabra has the Microsoft Teams-certified audio and video device to make it a breeze.

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Empowering MS teams collaboration

Certified compatibility

Jabra devices are certified for use with Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration with the platform.

High-quality audio

Jabra headsets and speakerphones deliver superior audio quality, enabling clear voice communication during Teams meetings.

Optimized video

Jabra video conferencing cameras provide high-definition video quality, enhancing visual collaboration in Teams meetings.

One-touch meeting join

Integration with Microsoft Teams allows for convenient one-touch meeting join functionality, simplifying the meeting experience for users.

In-line controls

Jabra devices feature in-line controls for mute/unmute, volume adjustment, and call handling, providing convenient access to Teams features directly from the device.

Noise cancellation

Advanced noise-canceling technology in Jabra headsets helps eliminate background noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio even in noisy environments during Teams calls.

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