Microsoft Teams Rooms

Connect people across the hybrid workplace

In the hybrid world of work, organizations need to embrace flexibility, empowering people to collaborate from anywhere. Microsoft Teams Rooms bridge the gap between in-person and remote attendees, ensuring everyone can be seen, heard, and fully engaged whether they are working in small, medium or large meeting spaces.


Microsoft Teams Rooms can turn any meeting space into an easy-to-use and inclusive collaboration space where everyone has a place at the table, regardless of where they sit.

For Hybrid Workplace

Teams Rooms were purposefully built to help remove the barriers between spaces, places, and people, delivering the best Teams meeting experience to any space.

Easy to Use and Secure

Enjoy strong security and operations that help ensure the room is up to date and ready for use.

Made for Every Space

Transform meeting spaces, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms. Improve meeting productivity with a package that provides a rich and collaborative Teams meeting experience

Connect Teams Together

Resurgent and Microsoft collaborates to promote welcoming meeting environments for individuals and teams, wherever they may be. Everybody's hybrid workspaces can be connected seamlessly via our network of software, services, and Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified hardware, which is easy to deploy at scale, easy to use, and easy to administer.

Create your Ideal Workplace

Invest in technology that connects people—anywhere and anytime.

Modernise your Meeting Spaces