Happy Days Are Back Again for the Hospitality Sector – Here’s How to Cash In

After two years of intermittent lockdowns and the accompanying revenue losses, the hospitality industry in India is springing back to life. As that happens, to ensure excellent delivery of services, leaders in the hospitality industry must take a hard look at the service experience that needs to be facilitated and accordingly evolve the existing service- and infrastructure-related processes. All in all, they must develop the required service capability to drive business growth.

From a granular perspective, this hints at a number of interventions across the board – ranging from the application of high-end lighting systems across meeting rooms, board rooms, and conference spaces to the use of innovative, collaborative audio-visual (AV) systems.

Clearly, after the two-year hiatus, the nature of the environment has changed due to changing guest expectations from being a linear experience to one that is multi-sensory and interactive. This article discusses this in more detail. To that end, let’s see how the hospitality industry can improve guest engagement.

Making Engagement Seamless

It’s essential for hotels to engage their customers directly to make them feel valued. And they can do so by offering them a seamless experience that is inclusive of the entire entry and reception process. Consider this; when a guest enters the property, they can be greeted by attractive and immersive digital signage – exhibiting evocative images, videos, and other messages – that can convey the hotel’s facilities and amenities. Such installations can also work fine for conveying information about the conference schedules, content, and speakers in real-time.

A similar signage solution can be used to communicate the latest offers from different service points like the front desk, restaurant and bar. This will enable the organisations to keep customers abreast of the latest news and happenings. It will also provide them with an opportunity to sign up for the loyalty program, avail facilities and make additional purchases, if they feel like. 

Adding a Touch of Elegance to Banquet Halls

Businesses should also consider the installation of high-end lighting systems that can be controlled smartly. These light fixtures can enable them to change the ambience on-the-fly for different events as per the preferences of their guests. The lighting can be used as an integral part of the overall AV system to highlight the stage, screen, and other designated areas for corporate programs. Such a smartly designed setup will help in increasing the level of interactivity among audience members and the speakers.

Taking the Meeting Experience Up a Notch

Offline meetings were not happening during the pandemic. However, with the world now returning back to normal, companies have increased their business travel. Offistes, training sessions, dealer and partner meets, and board meetings are back in the physical world. Hence, it’s essential for hospitality organisations to improve the meeting experience for their business clients. Again, for an engaging and immersive meeting experience, they must deck up the meeting room with the finest lighting solutions. The choice of lighting can transform the look and feel of meeting rooms. Lighting that is comfortable for the eyes and soothing to everyone is the best bet. 

And there’s more to it. The board rooms can (and should) be stacked up with active LED displays, wireless presentation systems, and handheld devices. The interactive, collaborative system will help the participants to brainstorm their ideas efficiently and draw valuable insights. They can then move these insights into action and convert them into results in real-time without missing a beat.

Ensuring Seamless & Safe Connectivity

Like every other important aspect of the hotel experience, connectivity should be the top priority. The concept of Light Fidelity, or Li-Fi, is coming up in a big way, which may replace Wi-Fi from time to time. Li-Fi ensures hack-free connectivity as it cannot be accessed through the walls. The technology works on LED bulbs – switching the lights on and off very quickly, within 15 million times a second — making it a secure solution for AV installations in the near future.

Facilitating Virtual Meetups

Virtual meetings have become a staple of corporate life and look set to stay that way. The hospitality industry must work towards improved virtual setups to enhance the experience of their guests and make sure there’s absolutely no bottleneck. Whether it is a formal meeting or an informal family gathering, seamless connectivity, a secure network, incredible lighting, and powerful AV installations are must-haves for successful group presentations.

Stressing the Urgency of AV and Lighting Solutions in the Hospitality Industry

While the aforementioned solutions have already been deployed in many properties, the hospitality industry has yet to capitalise on the massive potential of these innovations across the board. As it stands, after two years of lying disused, the existing setups are now outdated and in need of an upgrade. They have to be overhauled to tackle the new challenges and to enable the business to provide a great service experience for their guests.

Especially when it comes to lighting and AV solutions, these are the two basic elements that can transform an otherwise mundane ambience into a gala event. While AV solutions take care of communication, lighting brings the venue to life. In fact, a combination of these two powerful solutions is the mainstay of Resurgent. Learn more about our offerings here.

The Bottom Line

The hospitality industry is back in business, and it’s time to rev up the guest experience. To make this happen, the sector must move beyond its existing settings and embrace disruptive technologies. For instance, a smartly designed, fully-functional meeting room can create the best-in-class experience for corporate engagements. Likewise, a banquet hall with high-end AV and smart lights can help in creating an immersive experience that can be fun and interactive. For an outstanding service experience, the entire facility must be decked up with smart and reliable lighting and audio-visual systems. 

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