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The crucial “services” element in AV Solutions

The crucial “services” element in AV Solutions

Audio Visual (AV) solutions are key to enable an immersive digital and multimedia experience for consumers and employees and to enable high-quality collaboration and effective communications. It’s known that AV solutions combine high-definition displays with the latest audio controls enabling a high-quality environment for the users. Most are also aware that there are different types of AV solutions based on the purpose and requirement, such as Auditorium AV Solutions, Training Space AV Solutions, Critical Control Room solutions, Conference and Boardroom solutions, Lighting System Solutions, and many others.Based on the type of AV solution, different combinations of world-class products come together to deliver what is needed. Obviously, AV hardware is an important element to make sure the end-user expectations are met.

But what if we told you that this understanding may be incomplete!

Have you ever considered that services are equally crucial elements in AV solutions?

Due to this incomplete understanding, it is often seen that organizations focus on the hardware aspect of these solutions and do not have a sense of the essential significance of services.

Some of these critical services are summarized in the sections below.Design and Hardware Selection

AV solutions come with complex design requirements that change as per the type of solution. For instance, obviously AV solutions designed for conference rooms have to differ from those developed for organization-wide video conferencing. It’s very important for the design requirements and constraints to be determined before putting the dimensions of the solution together. The process involves the creation of the design blueprints along with the feasibility checks for integrating the different infrastructure elements. These are then mapped with the adequate hardware choice. Different products need to be brought together with their individual capabilities in mind, specifically based on the customer’s needs. The final solutions need to be customized as per the specifications and requirements of the project.

While talking about product knowledge, let’s also focus on training on the hardware. Most of the product OEM’s do upgrade their hardware on a regular basis (Once in 2~3 year) so it is quite critical and important for the pre-sales, design, and installation team to get trained on the new upgrades in order to ensure successful implementation and execution of the agreed AV solution at the site.

The design and hardware selection is one of the most critical services as it sets the stage for further development and implementation. The lack of planning or design issues at this stage WILL cause defects in the later stages.

Implementation and Integration Services

Each product and its features will vary. Implementing different products to ensure they are “ready to work” and will function as designed is a critical function in AV solutions. This is why implementation services are extremely important. This is necessary to make sure that the complex solution is implemented such that the organization can get the maximum benefit of the capabilities of the products going into the solution. Also, the AV solutions designed must meet the infrastructure needs of the organization for effective implementation. Several risks and issues can emerge in the process. For example, the solutions developed may face technical installation errors. It is also possible that the required and intended coverage of the implementation site is not met.

Such risks and gaps can be avoided with accomplished implementation and integration planning and delivery awareness. Proper need analysis of the company infrastructure with site visits, inspections, and customer interactions is necessary. As is the technical integration with the already installed hardware to eliminate the compatibility and integration issues in the later stages. These services enable the delivery of the required AV solutions.

Maintenance and AMC

Maintenance is a crucial element for every technology component to ensure smooth functioning and operation over time after the site is handed over. The same applies to AV Solutions. The AV solutions require regular monitoring and maintenance. There is a specific life attached to each of the hardware components included in the solution. These are expensive and complex pieces of delicate hardware. Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, things can (and do) go wrong. No one wants the video camera in the Board Room to malfunction the day of a major investor meet. This is why an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is essential to ensure the equipment is protected. With well-planned AMC services, it becomes possible to define proper maintenance schedules and get qualified support if something does go wrong. Regular maintenance activities ensure that the functioning and performance of the solution continually improve. That’s why this is a crucial service component of AV solutions.

Training the Users

AV solutions and integrators have numerous features and operating modes. In today’s resource-constrained age, not all companies have IT or Admin folks readily available to help users feel their way into the systems they must use. That’s why the solution package offered to clients must include training and ongoing support as a crucial component. Without effective training, the end-users will not completely understand the immense potential of the solutions installed. Training services often cover the step-by-step operational and functional features of the solution. The operating modes are explained in detail along with the information on the streamlined maintenance for improved performance.

The training services also cover the frequently asked questions and the common error points associated with the solutions. This training empowers the end-users with a better understanding of the solution, hardware details, features, modes, and specifications. It reflects in the overall usage and functionality of the solution. Innovative approaches are also emerging in this area like providing the users with online access to equipment directions by scanning a QR code through an intuitive mobile app. The aim of the services at this stage is to ensure the users are always able to do what they want, without having to worry about the equipment complexities.

AV solutions are developed to cater to the various needs and requirements of enterprises. This is an overall package that, as we have seen, must include a share of crucial services. It’s clear that these services are as important as the hardware components integrated into the AV solutions and integrators. Regular maintenance, end-user training, effective design, implementation planning, and integration services are fundamental for the continued usage and performance of these complex solutions.

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