The Leap Ahead from Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams is credited with being one of the most instrumental pillars in ensuring normalcy in the corporate world when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. From 20 million users in 2019, the global collaboration and communications platform had grown to over 280 million daily active users as of January 2023. 

Now that the pandemic is well behind us, the raging debate in corporate workplaces is about building the right and sustainable working model for employees.

Though many companies are yet to shift from their fully remote mode of working, the signals from the industry point towards a future where hybrid work models will be the status quo. When employees work in a combination of remote and office, the need for a collaboration platform that supports both becomes the need of the hour. This is where the emergence of Microsoft Teams Rooms becomes a game-changer.

What Does Microsoft Teams Rooms Do?

The platform offers a hybrid virtual and physical conferencing space that enables hassle-free collaboration between team members located anywhere. In other words, it provides the ability of an office meeting room to securely connect to an MS Teams meeting seamlessly and accommodate a wide variety of devices like TVs, PCs, Speakers, and Cameras present in the room. 

The platform effortlessly enables team members to build a temporary workspace out of a meeting room in the office where employees can gather physically as well as virtually with the promise of equal representation for everyone.

Why Is Microsoft Teams Rooms a Necessity for Modern Workplaces?

From an organisational perspective, there is no doubt that effortless and hassle-free collaboration between employees will drive their strategic growth forward. But that should not be at the expense of having to sacrifice the flexibility to let employees decide where they want to work. To strike a balance, it becomes essential to have platforms like Microsoft Teams Rooms fully implemented in the workplace. 

Let us explore some of the key benefits that the transition to Microsoft Teams Rooms will accrue:

Hassle-Free Collaboration

The number one advantage that such a platform brings to the table is enabling hassle-free collaboration between in-person and remote employees whenever needed. Be it a small cabin or a large meeting room, Microsoft Teams Rooms transforms it into a seamless collaboration space that can accommodate any number of people virtually in addition to the in-person attendance in the room. 

An expert partner like Resurgent can help in setting up dedicated spaces with compatible audio and video infrastructure that can transform a room into a hybrid physical-virtual workspace in just a few clicks.

Interactive Meetings

We have seen how corporate meetings were able to sustain engagement and interest virtually via MS Teams. With MS Teams Rooms, it becomes easier to bring the same level of excitement with an even better or elevated meeting experience into the office. 

All this is possible without having to miss out on any colleague or team member who may be working remotely as they, too, get an inclusive virtual space to be a part of the meeting and get a chance to be heard and interacted with as in a physical meeting.

Flexibility to Scale

Microsoft Teams Rooms provides seamless flexibility to scale the number of devices that can work in the meeting room. There could be multiple laptops with a host of audio and video options in each. There could be a dedicated audio and video conferencing infrastructure in the meeting room. People may even join from their smartphones. 

The beauty of MS Teams Rooms is that it effortlessly accommodates all of these devices, ensuring that everyone is heard when they speak by intelligently capturing and processing audio and video feeds in real-time.

The same principles apply to display infrastructure as laptops, projectors, or televisions can all be accommodated seamlessly in the meeting, and all participants are guaranteed a comprehensive live stream of the meeting without causing any confusion regarding the screen where the present action happens.

Effortless Security and Management

Once the room is set up, managing meetings is a breeze. Office or IT admins can easily manage operations, provide the necessary privileges to hosts to scale meeting infra or provision new devices, and much more. All of this can be managed without any compromises in security credentials, and this makes MS Teams Rooms a formidable collaboration tool that organisations cannot afford to ignore.

Ensure Seamless Collaboration with Resurgent

The workplace of tomorrow will have a mix of people who work either from the office or remotely. Bridging the gaps in collaboration between these two groups will be critical to deliver on business strategies. Enterprises need to transform meeting rooms in their offices with solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms to truly eliminate the gap between in-person and remote attendees. 

However, setting up the dedicated office spaces, configuring MS Certified devices, managing interoperability, etc., can be a challenge with limited knowledge about modern workplace collaboration infrastructure. This is where a partner like Resurgent can help bring a seamless meeting and collaboration environment to your workplace that supports employees wherever they are.

Get in touch with us to explore ways to make your workplace a truly global one with Microsoft Teams Rooms and state-of-the-art audio-video infrastructure. 

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