The Central Role of AV in The Age of Video Conference Enterprises

As organizations become increasingly global, the need to keep employees connected with each other is escalating. This is particularly rampant in the current pandemic era, with many businesses (as well as educational institutions) continuing to operate via remote work models for the general safety of their workforce as well as the community at large. When it comes to enabling real-time communication and collaboration between geographically dispersed employees, video conferencing solutions are extremely sought-after. The need for video conferencing

In a COVID world, where most employees are still working from home, video conferencing solutions are helping businesses keep the lights on and maintain “business as usual”. By offering capabilities that allow the workforce to interact and communicate with each other in real-time, these solutions help: 

  • Eliminate the need for business travel, thus safeguarding the health and safety of their employees
  • Reduce travel time and costs – even for those required to physically attend high-profile meetings
  • Pave the way for more focused, intensive, and detailed discussions – and save time in long and frustrating mail chains
  • Understand visual cues in body-language from customers, partners, and colleagues and easily address expressions of satisfaction or concern
  • Managers, internal teams, and IT personnel to interact in real-time and resolve issues – without leaving their homes – and thus driving business productivity
  • Increase attendance from dispersed internal teams and clients who otherwise would have been absent due to their location
  • Senior management conduct immersive and impactful Town Halls and address employees spread across different locations. Especially during the pandemic, this would otherwise have been a big challenge with existing, traditional infrastructure

The role AV plays

If you really want to empower your employees in their day-to-day operations, you need to provide them with a solution that is modern, intuitive, and extremely user-friendly; solutions that rely on modern AV technology to bring businesses and organizations together in boardrooms, conference, huddle, training rooms, classrooms, and executive offices. Such solutions allow employees to communicate better, understand each other, and get a real sense of working together. 

Offering a versatile environment with interactive whiteboards and control systems, video conferencing solutions built with AV technology offer unmatched audibility and high-definition conferencing that ensure smooth and productive communication across boundaries and time zones.

Here are some ways in which modern AV-based solutions can help your enterprises up its video conferencing game: 

  • Non-compromised 4K video: Whether you want to enable a conferencing facility for a small group of 10 people or a large group of 100 people, modern AV technology brings high-quality video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities to any size of room. 4K video produces the most intricate details along with sharper lines and crystal-clear picture for a gratifying video conferencing experience. 

  • Easy setup: Modern AV video conferencing solutions can be installed with minimum programming, allowing you to build the video room you need. Using simple hardware, you can share content wirelessly across all your conference rooms using HD video and audio. Touch screen displays make collaboration easy and enable you to easily book a meeting for a free slot in the day and present your views in the meeting when the time comes. 
  • Smart wireless presentation: Modern AV technology also allows attendees to enjoy a smart, wireless video conferencing experience that is “close to real-life”. With intelligent proximity one-click sharing, they can wirelessly present content from their laptop or mobile device and showcase data quickly and efficiently. 
  • Centralized monitoring: Today’s AV solutions also allow easy management using a unified cloud-based admin portal. You can control data utilization of each room as well as monitor, analyze, and manage meetings through a single pane of glass. Admin dashboards provide access to real-time data, so you can better manage meetings and devices and get insight into room usage. 
  • Seamless sharing: Easy and reliable AV solutions are also great for sharing multiple desktops simultaneously in the room. They provide a variety of simple, wireless sharing options for guests and people on your network, bringing your organization together in one place. 
  • Enhanced productivity: Easy to set up AV solutions allow for instant or scheduled meetings to start with a single touch. Offering integration with Office 365, Google Calendars, and other third-party systems, they provide the visibility you need into room booking, room status, upcoming meetings list, and more – improving how meetings are organized while enhancing overall productivity.

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