How Customer Experience Centers Create Brand Perceptions ?

Studies have shown that nearly 80% of consumers would want to do business with a brand that offers them personalized experiences. The very core of marketing and sales today is to create the most user-centric and elevated experience for every customer. Every year billions of dollars are spent on technology, advertising, and experience management by businesses globally. But are they focusing enough on what matters? What can they do to make a more differentiating impact for their brand amongst customers? 

The answer lies in Customer Experience Centers (CEC) which today have evolved into one of the most exquisite, impactful, and personalized sales channels for businesses in several domains like technology, finance, retail, manufacturing, business consulting, and even sports teams. 

CEC’s have transformed into an arena that seamlessly blends architecture, technology, and innovation to create a highly impressive visual portfolio of an organization’s most priced assets or offerings that customers can experience firsthand.

Successful businesses have long understood that their best products require that extra zing to move the buyer ahead in the sales process. They want to demonstrate capability, establish a differentiated brand positioning, and impress the decision-makers and influencers.

Here are 4 ways in which Customer Experience Centres create brand perceptions and drive sales more effectively:

Facilitative Intuitive Interaction

Using a wide range of audio-visual technology like large digital walls, integrated sound systems, and ambient and effect lighting techniques, it becomes easier for brands to create a very engaging customer experience within the CEC. Being located usually at company headquarters or strategic global locations, it can be used to spread the word about what the brand represents to its customers by setting up a dedicated CEC.

Hotspot for Personalization

In a CEC, customers walk straight into the heart of a personalized interaction with Sales Associates or Subject Matter Experts who know the length and breadth of the offerings that are being displayed. It’s like bringing customers to the home of the brand where every nook and corner of the CEC can be made to specifications as decided by the brand. Every element like the color tones of the walls to the placement of the product or offering can be decided by the brand unlike in other retail outlets or in 3rd party experience zones where there is a need to adhere to the interests of the host. With so many physical elements of the CEC to play around with, brands can easily bring in personalization for every customer interaction by setting up dedicated discussion bays, live demo zones, and provide for ancillary support arrangements like custom food and beverages and much more.

Empowering Sales Personnel

Sales associates can utilize the inherent power of audiovisual and innovative technology deployed at the CEC to showcase the brand’s offerings in the most personalized way for each customer. From arranging digital wall panels to offering interactive AR/VR based visual demonstrations, there is a range of technology that sales associates can play with to create a more meaningful experience for customers at the CEC. Rather than boring presentations, bulky brochures, or synthetic demo videos, potential customers can be given a virtual walkthrough of a product’s features in its most optimal working condition on large video walls to influence their purchase or investment decision.

Showcase Innovation and Future Outlook

A CEC is not just a demonstration hall for the latest products or offerings from a brand. It is also a platform to showcase the leadership and innovation of the brands. This is where customers get the first glimpse of how future offerings from the brand are taking shape, the innovations they are investing in to develop in their product or service portfolio. Above all, the CEC helps narrate the brand’s story of future growth ambitions using audiovisual enhancements. 

The CEC will serve as a key destination for feedback aggregation on future products and customers visiting the centre can be quizzed on their thoughts about prototypes on display or demonstrated at the CEC. Their insights can be collated and presented to product development teams or leadership to decide on enhancements or upgrades that will be made on the final product or offering based on customer feedback. This initiative will also improve brand loyalty as customers would feel that the organization values their feedback and takes steps to accommodate as much of their needs as possible. 

Leaving an everlasting impression on your customer’s minds after every interaction is one of the best ways to convince them to buy into your product propositions. A Customer Experience Centre will be key to creating such a lasting impression on customers. The Customer Experience Centre provides the perfect opportunity for establishments to portray their best offerings with suitable branding and seamless end-user personalization.

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