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The Resurgent Approach to Project Success 

The Resurgent Approach to Project Success 

As our name indicates, Resurgent also means rising up. We see this as reflective of our goal to enable business transformation and renewal among our enterprise clients. We take on some of the most complex Pro AV projects out there and turn them into powerful engines of employee collaboration and communication. Our clients depend on us to create these robust platforms that drive engagement and loyalty among employees and customers alike. However, these projects are not easy to put together, implement, and support. So, how do we do this?

Here’s our secret.

At Resurgent, we believe that “We aren’t just a company, we’re a community.” In the spirit of being a community, we typically adopt a holistic approach to project design, delivery, implementation, and support also.

As our AVP Madhusudhan points out, “Our team doesn’t just handle tasks; we orchestrate a symphony of interconnected elements to ensure a seamless and successful project delivery.” Similarly, our AVP of Projects, Santosh N posts how “some projects leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction after they are implemented.” He is referring to the recent project where Resurgent delivered over 60 Microsoft Teams Rooms to a pharmaceutical company.

So, how does Resurgent ensure project success for its customers? With this 4-prong strategy:

  1. Integrated approach

As Madhusudhan believes the Resurgent approach is “more than a collection of tasks.” For every project, we use interconnected components comprising technology tools, creativity, and expertise.

For instance, we synergize sound and image technology using MS Teams Rooms to elevate the “virtual” meeting experience. As an audiovisual (AV) integrator, we offer:

  • Ease of use
  • Integration with communication equipment
  • Support for dynamic room sizes
  • Optimization of AV infrastructure

With Resurgent’s integrated approach, we ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless communication and collaboration experience across industry sectors. Through end-to-end AV Integration, we deliver human-centric solutions to our customers, along with technical know-how and consultation services.

  1. Project planning

At Resurgent, we believe that effective planning is the cornerstone of every successful project. This includes articulating our customer’s AV needs and requirements. Based on this, we can successfully design a customized project plan aligned with our customer expectations.

Over the years, we have delivered complex projects at remote and multi-site locations. Here are some of the project management lessons we have imbibed from them:

  • Create a detailed project plan with the key actions, timelines, and required resources.
  • Conduct site inspections and visits to evaluate the complexity of the customer sites.
  • Involve multiple stakeholders to accept the contracts of the AV project including hardware, software, and services.
  1. Team collaboration and communication

Be it virtual or in-office, we enable team collaboration and communication with our AV solutions. Thus, we understand why this is so important to any successful project execution. Additionally, with our integrated approach, we can facilitate effective communication among multiple teams, customers, and business stakeholders.

For a remote workforce, we offer the following 3 AV solutions to collaborate and work on any project:

  • Webcasting solutions can handle the communication needs of smaller project teams even in areas of poor Internet connectivity.
  • Remote (or virtual) training solutions enable project teams to upskill in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Digital whiteboards are essential for successful project delivery through “virtual” brainstorming and problem-solving.
  1. Global Impact

With Resurgent’s AV solutions, organizations can stay agile even with their global expansion and hybrid work culture. Our integrated AV solutions are designed to connect people across work locations and cultures.

As Madhusudhan points out correctly, “Resurgent AV doesn’t just deliver projects; we create experiences that resonate globally.” Resurgent is also a part of the PSNI Global Alliance, which enables our team to interact with the global network of AV professionals and solution providers. With this partnership, Resurgent can now deploy complex AV solutions across multiple countries.


With the mainstreaming of the hybrid work model, project dynamics continue to evolve. Technology companies need an integrated and holistic approach to meet changing customer demands. This is why the Resurgent approach has delivered value.

Among the leading AV solution providers, Resurgent has successfully adopted a human-centric approach to implementing any AV project for our global customers. Through our OEM partnerships, we have delivered superior AV experiences that can reshape the future of business communication.

Do you want to improve team productivity and engage with customers more effectively? Book a consultation with us today.

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