What it Took to Deliver 60+ Microsoft Teams Rooms to a Pharma Giant

The hybrid world has completely transformed enterprise operating models. But establishing (and more importantly, maintaining) a hybrid workplace with seamless audio and video conferencing is a Herculean task that demands the guidance and support of a skilled implementation partner.

A pharma giant realized this early on. With a massive workplace, the reality of hybrid work meant that they had to build an extraordinary degree of flexibility into their meeting and boardroom infrastructure.

Resurgent implemented and scaled over 60+ Microsoft Teams Rooms for a next-gen enterprise communication and collaboration experience.

Setting up a Hybrid Workplace was the Need of the Hour

The pharma giant has a space of 1,53,000 sq. ft. across three floors in Whitefield, Bangalore. It has a diverse array of rooms and spaces designed to cater to a wide range of functions and interactions:

  • 18 two-person rooms for one-on-one meetings
  • 22 four-person rooms
  • 3 virtual team collaboration rooms
  • 4 work café spaces
  • 5 twelve-person rooms
  • 2 sixteen-person rooms
  • 1 twenty-person boardroom
  • 2 training rooms
  • 1 townhall
  • 1 cafeteria
  • 1 auditorium
  • 1 reception,
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 security lobby

The pharma giant was looking to create multiple meeting rooms catering to different-sized gatherings and mixes of online and physical groupings. It envisaged rooms where groups of people could physically meet, apart from virtual team collaboration rooms and informal workspaces. It also needed to create training rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, and rooms where town hall-like meetings could be held.

AV Solutions Implementation

The flexibility had to extend beyond room formats. Most meetings would have to accommodate an array of employee devices. In addition, the setup would need to be easy to use and should always allow for transparent tracking and management. Despite the need for flexibility, the company was also clear that it could not compromise on the consistency of the experience provided to employees, irrespective of their location. The right solution also called for a combination of powerful equipment from an array of OEMs that could be integrated seamlessly.

As a top AV integrator, Resurgent helped establish a robust hybrid work environment and create productive collaborative experiences. We successfully delivered the project over 2 months.

Our AV solution encompassed a carefully selected suite of technologies to meet the diverse needs of different spaces:

  • Implemented Lightware switchers for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality in larger spaces, ensuring seamless content sharing and collaboration.
  • Implemented Extron switches for smaller rooms, optimizing control and distribution of audiovisual content.
  • Equipped the auditorium with a state-of-the-art setup, including:
    • Martin lights for an immersive ambience
    • Bose speakers for impeccable audio quality
    • Shure wireless microphones for clear communication
    • The innovative Catchbox throwable microphone
    • Allen Heath digital mixers
    • Datavideo voice tracking cameras
    • A CISCO VCON kit for comprehensive audiovisual capabilities
  • Deployed a range of modern tools in the cafeteria, including:
    • Sony cameras for high-quality video capture
    • Bose speakers for rich audio
    • An Epson projector for dynamic presentations
    • A motorized screen from Elite for versatile content display
    • Handheld microphones from Shure for critical broadcasts and live sound
    • The engaging Catchbox microphone system for crisp audio
  • Integrated Logitech for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Installed a bunch of AV platforms in training rooms, including:
    • Samsung displays for crystal-clear visuals
    • An EIS touch podium for interactive sessions
    • Shure ceiling microphones for optimal audio capture
    • Bose speakers for immersive sound
    • A CISCO VCON kit for advanced communication.
  • Equipped the two- and four-person rooms with a combination of Logitech for Microsoft Team Rooms and CISCO kits for VCON, guaranteeing flexibility and functionality.
  • Implemented Logitech for MTR and CISCO kits for VCON, along with LIGHTWARE switches for MTR and Logitech Scribe for enhanced collaboration in the sixteen-person rooms.

Project Challenges

Resurgent encountered several challenges:

  • Tight Timelines: The project had demanding deadlines, necessitating meticulous planning and execution.
  • Equipment Repurposing: Multiple visits were required for repurposing existing client equipment, presenting a logistical challenge.
  • Network Dependencies: Dependencies on the client’s network infrastructure added additional complexity.

Solution USP

Despite the challenges, Resurgent overcame all the hurdles and delivered a solution carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements:

  • To fulfil the client’s need for Microsoft Teams Rooms and BYOD functionality, we recommended Logitech for MTR and integrated it seamlessly with Lightware switching solutions.
  • In spaces like the boardroom, we deployed speaker tracking enabled with Shure ceiling microphones and Extron Control processors to ensure optimal audio quality.
  • For spaces like the cafeteria, town hall, and auditorium, we implemented presenter tracking cameras to enhance engagement and visual clarity.
  • To ensure a seamless experience for users, we leveraged our strong OEM partnerships and brought together technologies from multiple vendors, including:
    • Bose
    • Lightware
    • Extron
    • Shure
    • Datavideo
    • Sony
    • Kramer
    • Samsung
    • Martin lights
    • Catchbox
  • The project also marked the first-ever installation of the Samsung Micro LED videowall in South India, illustrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AV technology.

Business Results and Benefits

The hybrid workplace project’s successful implementation resulted in tangible benefits for the client.

The AV setup facilitated seamless video conferencing across both Microsoft Teams Rooms and CISCO platforms, enhancing communication and collaboration. A soft launch event, attended by the Global Head, successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of the AV ecosystem.

In conclusion, the project showcases our technical expertise in delivering complex AV solutions. Leveraging our power skills, we overcame challenges, embraced innovative technologies, and created a state-of-the-art AV environment that has redefined the way the pharma giant collaborates and communicates within its expansive workspace.

This ambitious project revolutionizes the client’s workspace by incorporating cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) solutions in a powerful combination of functionality, form, and flexibility.

Do you have an AV project implementation requirement? Contact us today to revamp audiovisual communication and facilitate a collaborative workspace environment!

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