5 Smart Ways to Improve Communications and Collaboration in Today’s Enterprises

Communication and collaboration failures can cause a ripple effect and impact every aspect of the business. Still wondering how big this problem is? Let us reflect:

  • 86% of employees have indicated a lack of collaboration and poor communication are responsible for workplace failures.
  • 97% of employees believe that a lack of alignment within the team directly impacts the outcome of their tasks or projects.
  • 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important” for organizational success.

In a nutshell, working in a team, either small or extended, requires much more than hard work and personal chemistry. Whether it is about generating sales leads, developing a software application, or managing conferences or board meetings, effective communication and collaboration are the glue that holds everything together. 

Considering how busy everyone is in today’s time, how much information is shared every day, and how competitive industries are, employees can find it hard to be seen and heard. Here, professional-grade audio-visual technology can help businesses overcome communication challenges.

Innovative AV solutions offer new channels of communication and optimize the existing channels to ensure seamless communication and collaboration with employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The development of audio-visual technology has revolutionized the way people share information, communicate, collaborate, and consume media.

Due to the continued shift to remote work and higher demand for digital signage solutions, the pro AV market is expected to add approximately $100 billion in revenue over the next five years. Read on to explore the top ways to improve communication and collaboration in your organization.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Communication and Collaboration

With employees working in different time zones or across multiple locations, it is important to put the right solutions and processes in place to improve team communication and collaboration. Let’s dive into the various approaches to maintaining a collaborative and efficient workforce.

1.       Keep All Information in One Place

Do you know that the average employee spends 3.6 hours every day searching for relevant files and information? When employees spend most of their time toggling between multiple tools, most of their productive time is wasted on non-value work. Here, a centralized workplace and meeting platform can make your life easier. It helps house all your data, documents, meeting conversations, and notes under one roof. Even here, investing in the right AV solutions can streamline professional collaboration and communications. All employees can use a single platform with the latest AV infrastructure to create the right impression at every touchpoint using digital display capabilities, and advanced meeting and video conferencing features. For instance, modern video conferencing solutions come equipped with the latest AI-powered options for document sharing and collaborative working.

2.       Use Multiple Communication Channels

Today, employees may be located in offices spread out over different floors and some team members may be working remotely. In this scenario, you may want to stick to your favorite communication channel but this is not going to make communication seamless for others in the long run. While everyone has their preferred mode of communication, it is important to convey messages to everyone via different modes of communication. Modern solutions like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) help unify these channels on one platform for a seamless (and painless) experience.

3.       Make Use of Visual Aids

Written and verbal communication is used commonly in businesses but visual communication can amplify engagement and understanding. By using signs, illustrations, graphics, etc, communicating information and messages can be very convenient and more understandable. The most common example where visual communication can be used is during team meetings. Implementing AV systems can be a great way to make meetings more impactful by powerfully enabling the visual element. It enables employees to form specific channels, create chat groups, host online events, write notes, and present information more effectively.

(Explore the changing face of board and meeting rooms)

4.       Invest in Collaboration Tools

It is indicated that online collaboration tools can increase the productivity of your team by 30%. With the emergence of the hybrid workplace, businesses are using meeting tools and applications to connect their team members across locations. However, only the right tools can boost collaboration and productivity in the workplace. A modern solution offers superior and consistent audio, video, and digital display capabilities. It also helps employees schedule meetings in advance, interact in specific chat groups and channels, and present diverse content with advanced interactive capabilities. Such a solution brings flexibility, agility, and consistency to team meetings as well as board meetings.

5.       Conduct Regular Training

Effective communication and resolution of conflicts is necessary to ensure successful team collaboration. Consider bringing subject matter experts to offer internal workshops and training sessions, and provide job-specific resources such as books, articles, and online courses. The more the team members know about the business processes, their roles and responsibilities, and the tools you have in place, the more likely they will consider using them in their daily routine. These training sessions can be provided using pro AV solutions to make the training and education more exponential. Modern audio-visual solutions can augment the learning experience by using advanced projection technology, smart interactive whiteboards, and streaming capabilities in real or digital classrooms.

How Can Resurgent Contribute to Enabling Better Communication and Collaboration?

As the boundaries between office and remote teams continue to blur, it is vital to improve communications and collaboration with the help of modern technology and solutions. The right technology systems can transform the way businesses communicate and meet virtually by streamlining workflows and connecting teams across devices and locations. At Resurgent, we offer a wide range of modern AV integration services to help you improve communication and collaboration at the workplace. Schedule a free demo to explore the potential of modern AV solutions for your business today. 

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