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The AV Heart of the Most Successful Global Capability Centres in India

The AV Heart of the Most Successful Global Capability Centres in India

The fact that India is fast turning into an innovation hub of the world is no longer a murmur in most boardrooms across global corporates. Building on a strong foundation in technology outsourcing, the country is now witnessing the presence of major players who are eyeing it to fuel their next stage of growth. But behind the scenes of this impressive rise lies a hidden orchestra conductor – the power of audio-visual solutions.

For decades, India has been the outsourcing or offshoring leader globally, more so in the area of technology. This set record, at this point fused with the country’s most recent R&D and innovation soar, has made it irresistible to forward-thinking organizations. According to a Nasscom-Zinnov report, India is currently home to over 1,580 Global Capability Centres (GCCs) that employ upwards of 1.66 million people as of 2022-23. Tier-I cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru alone witnessed the establishment of 18 new GCCs in the first half of 2023!

In this blog, we shall now get into the fascinating world of AV solutions and discover how they form the beating AV heart of India’s most successful GCCs.

Why GCCs Are in the News?

Of late, GCCs have been in the news for their high growth rate and their contribution to India’s economy. A quarterly report by ANSR, a business consulting company, highlights India’s dominance in the GCC market, with the country commanding over 50% of the global share. This leadership is credited to the seamless blend of talent and a vibrant startup ecosystem that turned out to be the epicenter for establishing GCCs. The report also underlines a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies with about 80% of GCCs having invested in areas such as AI, ML, and data analytics.

The distribution of GCCs across leading Indian cities has also been shared as follows in the report:

  • Bengaluru: 30%
  • Hyderabad: 19%
  • Delhi: 15%
  • Mumbai: 12%
  • Pune: 10%
  • Chennai: 9%

This kind of wide presence only underlines the availability of talented professionals across the country.

The report has also surmised a bright future for the Indian GCC sector. Fueled by India’s skilled manpower and other related economic benefits, it is estimated that valuations of this sector will increase from $46 billion to $110 billion by 2030. Such growth could very easily translate into a gigantic job market of more than 4.5 million professionals working at a network of 2,400 GCCs.

The Challenge: Communication and Collaboration

Though the GCC sector is growing phenomenally for India, there are also challenges to deal with when it comes to such huge success. Here’s a closer look at some of the key challenges in communication and collaboration that GCCs need to overcome:

1.      Time Zone Disparity

Geographically spreading operations across different continents oftentimes translate into significant time zone differences. Scheduling meetings and creating real-time collaboration can quickly become a logistical headache.

2.      Geographical Dispersion

GCCs are not limited to one place. Teams that are spread over more than one city or even a country find it very hard to function like a unified team working for some common goal. It becomes challenging to develop a strong team culture and ensure that all voices are heard.

3.      Cultural Nuances

If there is one good thing about a diverse workforce, it is the abundance of perspectives. On the other hand, the possibility of misunderstanding arises due to immense cultural differences. Ways of communication, sense of humour, and even body language may be misinterpreted across cultures and thus become a problem for successful collaboration.

4.      Knowledge Sharing Silos

Without proper communication channels in place, knowledge will generally be locked within one team or location. Innovation is impeded after knowledge is locked in one place, making the best ideas fail to come forth throughout the GCC network.

5.      Maintaining Engagement

Large, geographically dispersed teams can be very challenging to maintain. Traditional means of communication can hardly foster a sense of connection and belonging, which leads to a reduction in morale and productivity.

The Power of AV Solutions: Bridging the Gap

The good news is that these challenges aren’t insurmountable. These centres can help bridge the gap in communication and collaboration toward a more cohesive and productive work environment through the efficient adoption of impactful AV solutions. Key AV solutions are now making this cohesion a reality in GCC centres:

1.      High-definition Video Conferencing

Gone are the days of grainy, pixelated video calls. High-definition video conferencing offers the best available quality for sharp visuals and natural, full sound, letting the feeling of face-to-face interactions take the greatest part in remote teams. This cultivates a better-connected, more informed, aware, and real-time collaborated team across time zones. PanaCast Series webcams, with their broad FOV and innovative feature set, take that further. These webcams enable safe and productive meetings to fit the leading UC platforms: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

2.      Cloud-based Collaboration Platforms

Cloud-based collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have provided a core platform for workflow streamlining, file storage in the cloud through OneDrive, online meetings, and real-time communication through persistent chat channels. Accessible from any device, it closes geographical barriers, keeping everyone well-informed.

3.      Smart Whiteboards and Digital Signage

Interactive whiteboards, such as Samsung Flip, facilitate brainstorming and presentation sessions that enable cross-location teams to work together in real-time. Comes with features like writing, drawing, and editing tools, Samsung Flip ensures the sharing and presentation of ideas from location to location in the easiest possible way. Additionally, digital signage software solutions like PADS4 can be leveraged in order to broadcast any sort of information, update, and company culture content across locations and foster a sense of being connected.

4.      Advanced Encryption Technologies

Security is always a prime concern when sensitive data is involved. Strong technologies on encryption that AV has to offer make sure that secure, collaborative communication is guaranteed in the sharing of confidential information among various parties, thus building trust and a secure environment for open communication.

5.      Customized AV Solutions

Not all AVs can work when applied to fit all situations. Major AV companies can have customized solutions that best fit the needs of each GCC. This ensures that the technology will blend with the already laid-down workflow and infrastructure to its best possibility to drive optimal results.


At the junction of talent and innovation, GCCs are expanding in India. With rapid expansion, some unique communication challenges have made it a playground for the most advanced audio-visual solutions to bridge those gaps. From video conferencing to smart collaboration tools, AV technology is bridging gaps and enabling GCCs to work seamlessly across distances in much more seamless ways, facilitating teamwork and productivity and further establishing India’s position in the new global innovation landscape.

The agencies administering big areas and delivering varied services to the citizens want the last word in audiovisual technology, which is at once scalable yet precise. Resurgent offers control rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, training rooms, and experience centres for more connectivity and unified communication backed by the latest audiovisual infrastructure, so you have no problem seamlessly getting in touch with multiple partners locally and globally. Our solutions provide the audio-visual infrastructure necessary for various sectors to function effectively. These include:

Contact us today to make an effortless transition with our AV solutions and unlock the full potential of your Global Capability Center.

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