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Excellence in Audio Visual Project Implementation

Excellence in Audio Visual Project Implementation

If you’re an enterprise CIO, brand manager, IT engineer, facility manager, or Audio Visual (AV) professional – there will be a point in your career that you’ll have to successfully implement an audio-visual project. The way things are progressing as of now, we expect several other professions will expand their skillsets to accommodate AV expertise.

Employees and customers are deeply influenced by stories. They want to know more about the brands that they’re choosing to consume or the companies they work for. Especially in industries that have heavy competition – a story can make a particular brand stand head and shoulders above the rest or draw employee ownership and engagement to drive power-packed performance.

Is there a better way to tell stories than through audio-visual technology? Most research reports and expert opinions converge on the opinion that AV is indeed the future of enterprise communications. Volumes can be written on the usefulness and potential of AV products. This is why many brands are going down this road. Audio-video production has bloomed into a thriving industry.

Someone new to AV project implementation can nullify even the most complete vision.  The temptation among IT teams is to treat AV projects like IT projects. They focus on equipment and build great plans for integrating that equipment into their corporate networks.  But they may not know the flow of the program design, construction, and installation phases. They won’t know what tasks to delegate or what non-IT complexities to cater to. It can all become extremely confusing and a monumental waste of time.

That’s why it’s important to get an experienced partner on board. One who knows exactly what to do. This is where specialists like Resurgent come in. We follow the best practices in the industry while holding ourselves accountable to a high standard. Organized and transparent

We have built strong partnerships with reputed OEMs. They help us provide you with savings along with high-quality products. Our specialist team is also prepared for offshore deployment. We’ve built a network of enterprise partners who ensure we are up-to-date with the latest technology. We have extremely capable and dedicated teams across the country.

How do we handle AV installation projects? Let’s go through the steps.

Steps in our AV installation project

Having an expert team in place.

The most important aspect is to have the right team. Our team has the combined experience of a whopping 180 years – that’s almost 3 lifetimes. Our experts delegate tasks to each other with the ease only seasoned professionals possess. Each step of the way comes together harmoniously. 

Our teams include the Sales Team, PreSales Team, design team, Operations Team,  installation team, and management team. There are also others in the design and construction processes. 

Each of these roles is essential and tasks are delegated accordingly. Each department gives updates on their deliveries, structured around a time-bound framework. Everything is smoothly coordinated with the owners of the project.

Understanding the process.

It takes years of experience to assess your project’s characteristics effectively. Based on these assessments you can create realistic budgets. We bring our skills to bear on all aspects and the legal and policy issues related to AV project installations are handled well.

The program phase.

There are many steps in this phase. They include evaluating the existing facilities and creating relevant documentation. One must set benchmarks with similar facilities and conduct various meetings. Plus, it’s important to have the right level of knowledge and skill to create and distribute reports effectively. These reports act as the basis for systems design.

Expert designs.

Our AV solutions are top-of-the-line systems designed to create the ultimate in AV infrastructure. They are fully compliant with the necessary standards. We offer these solutions in different customized solutions. We’re committed to creating affordable and robust solutions using the best and most cutting-edge tech.

Excellent construction and installation.

We’re experts in project coordination, communications, and contracting. We have intense construction kick-off meets, prepare our submissions with expert detail, and procure only the best AV equipment. 

We carefully prepare the site and invest time in pre-assembling and testing the systems for the best results.  Finally, we use our combined experience to install everything swiftly and with perfection.

This is why we are certain that we’re the best in creating the ultimate audio-visual experience for anyone. We have the expertise, the technology, and the years of hard work and sweat that speak for themselves. With our advanced knowledge, skills, and network, and your brand’s story – we can create a truly magnificent experience for your customer. One that will make your corporate communications stand out.

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