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Staying Safe and Working Hard at Resurgent

Staying Safe and Working Hard at Resurgent

The Roman poet Virgil was quoted as saying that “The greatest wealth is health”. At Resurgent, we deeply believe this and try our level best to ensure our employees’ health, especially during such trying times. We’ve taken stringent measures and ensure that they’re followed – both inside the office and at project sites. By doing so, we’re doing our best to guarantee health and safety to our customers, partners, and the community as well as all our Surgers.

We deliver state of the art audio-visual solutions to different companies, educational institutions, and other organizations, so we need to be extra vigilant. Even more so when project installations mean that one of our own has headed out to a crowded public area, which may put them at risk. As many of our integrations are complex, our installation crew are onsite for long periods interacting with others. A degree of exposure is inevitable.

There are so many factors at play, many of which are uncontrollable. Yet, we are sure that the practices we have adopted will be sufficient to keep the company running smoothly and team morale high. This is how we are looking after our employees, during these COVID-stricken times.

In the office

For the employees who do need to come into the office, we ensure that they follow the COVID protection norms as laid out by local and international agencies. These include taking the daily temperature of each employee and tracking the data to see if anyone is experiencing a spike in temperature. This being said, we’re well aware that temperature checking alone isn’t enough to stop COVID from spreading.

All employees are urged to wear high-quality facemasks. Numerous studies have shown how face masks are effective in curbing the spread of viruses. This is slowly becoming an essential part of our office culture.

We’re also careful about following the 6-feet social distancing rules between employees. Everyone is encouraged to regularly use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

By taking these measures, we aim to reduce the spread of the COVID virus and maintain the health and wellbeing of our employees at Resurgent.

Out of the office

 In case they have to go out onsite or visit clients, they too take all the regular COVID precautions.

During important projects, the team members connect at the sites. To minimize risk and exposure, we have provided face shields for them. Many studies have shown the efficacy of well-fitted face shields as deterrents to catching COVID or any other airborne virus. We, obviously, encourage combining this with social distancing and sanitizing.

Many interactions are being done virtually

Even with all these precautions being put in place, it may not be enough. Reports state that up to 40% of infected individuals don’t even experience any symptoms. 

Additionally, evidence suggests that this virus spreads mainly through respiratory droplets between people who are physically close to each other. 

Due to these two factors, we have made many of our group meetings virtual. We are having our monthly reviews, Friday activities, and townhall schedules online. 

Meetings over video calls have proven to be helpful. This helps us make sure that our workflow remains uninterrupted but our employees are safe.

What happens if an employee is COVID positive?

At Resurgent, we don’t support discrimination of any kind and that extends to the period now too. In case an employee is found to be COVID positive, we ensure they go on leave. Once they’re completely cured of the virus, they may resume work again. We don’t allow any kind of ostracization, as long as each employee is responsible enough to get themselves checked frequently and follow our guidelines to the T.

Health is Wealth

What drives our dedication towards our health measures is the safety and wellbeing of our Surgers. This is very much at the core of Resurgent’s corporate philosophy.

We believe that our employees are the heart of our organization, and we do our best to ensure their safety. This is not only just our executives who are higher up on the corporate ladder. We ensure that everyone – from the housekeeping team to the installation crew – is up-to-date on the necessary knowledge required for personal safety. Everyone is provided the latest industry-standard equipment as well.

We also make it a point to regularly and constantly review our safety policy. We update it to ensure it is always compliant with regional and international regulations.

By taking these steps, we are trying to act as a safety bubble for all our employees, our clients, and whoever is a part of the Resurgent ecosystem. By doing so, we’re ensuring that everyone can stay safe and work hard simultaneously. Together – we shall ride this out until the storm passes over.

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