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What Being a Member of the PSNI Global Alliance Means to Us ?

What Being a Member of the PSNI Global Alliance Means to Us ?

Today, the world is a global marketplace, and exciting opportunities are created for organisations to reach global audiences. The current landscape allows industry leaders to recruit the best people, regardless of where they are located. Most importantly, customer enterprises are also global, demanding uniform levels of services and solutions across the world, irrespective of location.  

Obviously, there may be certain logistical challenges with businesses trying to scale up operations and deploy technology systems worldwide. To overcome these, organisations require global partnerships and associations to enhance their ability to deliver superior quality projects worldwide. This is where the partnership between Resurgent and PSNI Global Alliance shines through.

Resurgent is a proud member of the PSNI Global Alliance, which includes 175 licensed offices across 35 different countries and six continents. 

What Is PSNI Global Alliance?

The PSNI Global Alliance comprises global solution providers with world-class expertise in audio-visual (AV) design and deployment and broadcasting communication systems. Members collaborate and follow certain processes, creating flexible team agreements closely aligned with unique technology and customers’ specific requirements. 

In addition, members also build an incomparable knowledge-sharing culture in the AV space. The largest body of knowledge comes together to provide constantly managed services such as training to ensure that the business benefits from the AV investment. 

Resurgent is a committed member of the PSNI Global Alliance and the association paves the way for a high level of education, benchmarking, leveraging industry insights, and training with PSNI-exclusive certifications.

How Does the PSNI Global Alliance Influence Resurgent?

The PSNI Global Alliance has a diverse network with one vision – providing global reach and incorporating the best solutions, services, and training for clients across the world. Following these practices, Resurgent aims to implement the most trusted and effective AV solutions to help businesses realise their full potential.

Our constant endeavour is that services reflect the best of global AV deployment practices. Our association with PSNI allows us to use a wide network of exclusive resources available to outfit an office having pre-set broadcast and audio-visual standards. 

How Does PSNI Global Alliance Benefit A Business?

Working with PSNI Global Alliance members has several benefits. It gives substantial exposure to business, enhances outreach and contributes to better planning, training, deployment, and execution. 

The major benefits include:

  • Unique Collaboration: Each member draws on the assistance and expertise of PSNI Global Alliance fellow members. The collaboration across networks extends the competencies of individual members to deliver more reliable and comprehensive results. 
  • Global Solution: There are unique challenges associated with global AV deployment, which include culture and language barriers, tax and tariff requirements, technology and equipment standards – and everything that varies with location. However, if you are a member of the PSNI Global Alliance, you would achieve powerful partnerships with vetted local integrator status regardless of the location of your project. 
  • One Standard of Excellence: PSNI membership demands the highest industry certifications. Members are audited regularly and reviewed by peer networks. This is a crucial step to ensure that irrespective of the number of members working on the global project of the company, the company maintains quality standards at all stages, from design to integration and programming. 

PSNI Global Deployment Process

With Resurgent and the PSNI Global Alliance, enterprises would receive consistent, exceptional experiences thanks to a standardised global deployment approach and support. From the initial stage of project discovery to the project proposal and the scope of support and service, each step is certified to ensure global customers relish seamless performance across all operational floors. 

The deployment process for a global project works like this:

  • Project Discovery: Resurgent works closely with a business to define the needs, both local as well as global. We create customised solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Build A Global Team: We become a one-point contact. We aim to build the best team for the projects, adhering to the geographical goals. We coordinate with certified solution providers in various locations to ensure deployments everywhere. 
  • Proposal & Scope: We align with global Certified Solution Providers with locations to deliver a complete, concise proposal ensuring the accuracy of pricing, processes, and timeline. 
  • Programming, Fabrication, Integration: In this stage, our globally aligned teams demonstrate what they can do – work on global deployment best practices. All our locations are fully regulated for a productive and unified function. 
  • System Commissioning: Each system is thoroughly tested to identify potential issues even before they occur, ensuring the best quality in the long run. 
  • Training: Complete training is essential to prepare the team for troubleshooting and day-to-day needs. Training is given to the end-users of an organisation, IT teams supporting them, and other allied teams responsible. 
  • Support & Services: Teams of Certified Solution Providers can be assembled to deliver ongoing hardware and software support, which includes lifecycle management and upgrades. 
  • Survey for Customer Experience: Our goal is to ensure that our clients worldwide receive premium quality service through seamless technology and top skills. The post-integration survey of PSNI ensures that the team learns and improves as we move ahead.  

The Final Word

We have always maintained that regardless of the AV challenges a business experiences, Resurgent is equipped to offer localised support specific to the industry, organisation needs, and technology. The PSNI partnership allows us to extend that assurance worldwide since top AV integrators from all over the world are part of the PSNI Global Alliance, including manufacturers, distributors, and service partners, among others.

The top-tier network facilitates PSNI integrators (like us) to deliver an array of standardised support and solutions irrespective of the location. These global resources and standards mean that projects finish faster and customers get a consistent level of support. 

Resurgent is a reputed PSNI Global Alliance Technology Partner committed to delivering the customers and affiliates of the network with leading audio technology, application expertise, ongoing education, training, and constant support. 

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