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5 Key turning events that helped Resurgent become what it is today

5 Key turning events that helped Resurgent become what it is today

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Growth only comes to those who are ready to change, and change often. It involves moving away from the comfortable and the familiar. It involves assessing what you know and then learning some more. It involves identifying what is working well and then doing it better.

While we had been established AV solution providers in the market, a few years after our inception we decided it was time to shake things up. We had a decent client base and interesting projects keeping us busy and the cash registers ringing. It was then that we realized that we need to prepare for the future.

This was also around the time that our organization bagged one of the fortune 30/500 companies as our client. While we had been process-oriented before, engaging with this client showed us how we could revamp our processes, improve our documentation and develop a new business standard for our organization, and hopefully for this industry as well.

Many calibrated steps later, we find ourselves where we stand today.

Elevating quality and safety standards

One of the first things that we refocused on was re-evaluating quality and safety standards to serve our customers, both external (customers) and internal (employees) better. To do so, we identified new partnerships with leaders to expand our product portfolio and access better, advanced, and more high-end AV hardware.

Since our employees are our greatest strengths and the backbone of the company, focusing on improving their conditions assumed priority. To do this, we ensured that we adopt and follow international safety standards for our field engineers, something that was unheard of in the AV industry. We emphasized the use of personal protective equipment, eyewear, safety shoes, full harness safety belts, helmets, safety gloves and ensured that all our field engineers follow the complete safety protocols along with using the right safety gears.

We also brought about a behavioural change towards safety by conducting regular safety training and insisting that all our engineers are organizational health and safety certified officers.

Rebuilding the business model

AV solutions can become a part of any environment and have found applications across multiple industries. In the initial years, our organization was working across industries, delivering different kinds of solutions. The project mix was a cauldron of solutions ranging across sizes and spaces. With our fingers in many pies, we were making progress as an organization. However, we felt that we needed a change in approach to grow and scale with market demands.

As such, we re-evaluated our business model and revamped our business strategy to become exclusively solution-focused. Our strategy shift made us more focused on solving enterprise needs and helping enterprises create futuristic spaces that facilitate communication, create cohesion, and foster collaboration.


Most organizations look at a logo change and believe rebranding is complete. We realized that while it was time to evolve into a newer and brighter avatar with a logo change, a rebranding exercise would be incomplete without a deeper shakeup.

So, along with changing our logo we also revamped our vision and our mission to make it more modern and forward-thinking. We defined ourselves as technology partners who enabled their clients with best-in-class technology integrations, ensuring future readiness and meeting all infrastructure and aesthetic goals.

Given decades of experience and expertise in the audio-visual, information communication, and automation technology domains, our mission was to become the partners who provided customers with the best and the latest cutting-edge solutions based on their infrastructure, needs, and goals.

Be it solution design, products, or procurement, our focus was to deliver customized solutions to enterprises to meet their goals and provide future-ready products for the agile, constantly changing forward-thinking enterprise.

UX rules

AV products are complicated since there are so many users, stakeholders, and moving parts involved. The order process and project tracking can be complex and a cause of major heartburn. The user experience when dealing with AV projects can sometimes be sub-par and can leave the client feeling flustered.

Since experience is the engine driving the digital economy, we wanted to provide only elevated and user-friendly experiences to our clients. To take the woe out of projects we streamlined information sharing and established processes that made the project details and progress more transparent and timely.

To improve the user experience we began delivering the same app-like experience as an Uber or Amazon would deliver on order acceptance, availability, status, and the delivery of their service/products. We began providing proactive and periodic data and material deliveries along with the progress of project execution details.

This shift has improved our customers’ user experience tremendously by making sure that they have access to complete and timely project information.

Driving employee experience

We believe that when you treat your employees like they make a difference, they will make a difference. Not inclined to just pay lip service to employee engagement and experience, we take our employee initiatives beyond superficial efforts like large parties or fancy cafes.

That our employees are our greatest assets is reflected in our commitment towards them. While we do take fun seriously and have activities to reflect that, our unwavering commitment remains towards employee happiness, well-being, and success. Be it training programs to meet their personal and professional growth needs, providing medical care, or investing in employee well-being activities such as providing access to mental health practitioners, we make sure that we build each one of our employees to grow together.

With changing times come new expectations. The only way to fulfil those expectations is to remain on the path of continuous learning. Over the years, our commitment to learning and becoming agile towards change has contributed to our success. With these shifts, we have been able to build an organization that is a community of problem solvers experienced across businesses and domains who overcome every challenge and help our customers make their business future-ready, agile, and resilient.

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