A Glimpse into The Resurgent Organizational Culture and How We Nurture It

Organizational culture is key to creating a thriving environment where people can work together with zeal and dedication. But creating such an atmosphere is in no way easy.
Especially if there are deadlines to be met, and business results to deliver. But at Resurgent, we’ve perfected a balance between a healthy competitive spirit and a nurturing and collaborative one, too. Let’s take a look into the programmes and practices we’ve used to achieve the culture we want.
One Harvard study shows that 71% of the business executives surveyed ranked
employee engagement as very important to achieving overall business success. That implies engaged employees naturally bestow any company with a strong competitive advantage, which makes them more profitable. Therefore, keeping employees engaged in different ways becomes imperative to success. One way we’ve gone about this is by giving our Surgers the stage and space to share their interests.
We conduct ‘Always Seek Knowledge’ sessions fortnightly. At these events, a Surger will conduct a session on any topic of their choice. That way, they can share a piece of themselves with their team, as well as show their knowledge on a particular interest of theirs. Also, they truly feel like a part of a close-knit group. It’s also easier for employees to find others with similar interests and take that out of the workspace. Even better, if the interest is relevant to their work, they could always end up collaborating. Everyone gains as a result.
The 5 Rs
At Resurgent, we have 5 core values, namely Respect, Responsibility, Reliability, Resolve, and Reward. These are the backbone of our company and set the tone of how we all must treat each other, no matter what. Every month, we pick up one of these values and reinforce the learning of our staff on that topic. We utilize special training, mailers, and several relevant activities to align themselves to these core values. That way we’re ensuring everyone, new and old, is aligned with these traits.
These sessions also make it easier to create a shared understanding of the kind of decorum we expect from our people. Everyone will feel seen and respected and no one is at risk of being ignored or side-lined for any reason.
People get encouraged to take responsibility in different ways. Reliability – both of the self and towards others – will be expected from everyone. We also train our Surgers to be strong and with a steely resolve. At the end of the day, inculcating these qualities will give them a bounty of rewards, both in terms of the quality of their work, and in the kind of experience they have in the office.
Training Programs
We also conduct weekly training programs to enhance the technical and process-related knowledge of our teams. That is a great advantage for any organization. It keeps everyone mentally alert and creatively engaged in between projects. Upskilling and reskilling programs keep everyone updated with the relevant and important skills needed to excel in their domain. It also makes employees fight off any feelings of stagnation, as these skills will be helpful throughout their careers. We live in an industry that is buffeted by the winds of technology disruption. This makes it necessary to stay future-ready at all times.
Training programs also give us a look into our current capabilities and teach us where we need to improve. That helps align with our long-term goals. It’s also fun to work in groups to do projects related to the workshop. Sometimes, our teams outdo themselves with their capabilities – and that’s always a major confidence boost. These also help people figure out if they have any hidden technical talents or abilities that can work on for everyone’s benefit.
Virtual Get-Togethers
There’s no better way to create a family vibe in the office space than to welcome family here. That’s why we conduct virtual family gatherings on special occasions such as Children’s Day, Independence Day, and other such important functions. These create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and help our employees feel closer to each other than ever. It helps create stronger bonds between all the employees and gives them a sense of camaraderie and trust.
There are different types of events one can do even virtually. Small online office games, online game shows, and more are some group activities that would help in team building. Otherwise sharing stories, experiences, and more, also create the kind of robust conversations needed to have the best kind of bonding sessions. These events also create a feeling of having a large support group, as everyone becomes acquainted with each other’s families.
Daily Tea-Time Activities
Our bonding experiences aren’t relegated to just special events. We conduct fun activities every day! This is usually during tea time when every Surger is out on their break. They can then get involved as a participant or as a facilitator. That ensures Surgers spend some light-hearted moments together every day. That makes all the difference. That’s what makes our team strong and wholeheartedly happy to work together on projects for a long time. This also helps everyone let off some steam daily.
Interactions like these make the mind sharper. Discussions are also integral to coming up with creative ideas. As they say, creativity is intelligence at play.
This is how we nurture our environment and make it such that when people start working here, they rarely want to leave. It’s a happy and healthy place for both the older, more seasoned Surgers and the new kids on the block.

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