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A Technologist’s View of AVoIP – The What, Why, and How of Adopting

A Technologist’s View of AVoIP – The What, Why, and How of Adopting

As the hybrid workplace becomes the global standard, organisations across sectors are conscious of the need to stay abreast of the latest AV trends. Many are also making several large investments in the latest technologies. 

There are a lot of AV platforms available in the market, but many organisations continue to face challenges in scaling these systems. As the world heads to 4K Ultra High-Density and 8K video, bandwidth issues make scalability and performance a real challenge.

AV over IP or AVoIP is the latest AV kid on the block that aims to deliver on the collaborate anywhere promise and solve existing quality, scalability, and performance challenges. Read on to understand what AVoIP is, why the technology is trending, and how you can make the most of it.

What Is AVoIP?

AVoIP is an innovative way of capturing, managing, and distributing audio and video signals over standard IP networks. Utilising a variety of compression techniques, it encodes and decodes AV signals using IP technology, helping businesses overcome bandwidth and latency challenges. So, how does AVoIP do this? 

Simply put, AVoIP sends uncompressed audio and video information over standard IP mediums, encodes the sources, and eventually streams the content with some compression to mitigate performance issues. In contrast to a traditional architecture where signals could only transmit on confined paths, AVoIP puts inputs and outputs everywhere. All you need is an encoder and decoder at the source and destination device. 

Let’s understand the benefits better:

  • Flexibility: AVoIP brings flexibility to new heights, allowing enterprises to connect as many encoders and decoders as required. 
  • Scalability: The technology offers the capability to scale to thousands of devices and support high-quality AV streaming on an as-needed basis with easy expansions to large and complex matrix configurations.
  • Extendibility: With AVoIP, enterprises can connect (and switch) to virtually any device, from desktops and laptops to media players and video cameras, and any space, from conference rooms to huddle spaces, homes to hybrid spaces. 
  • Easy access and management: AVoIP allows easy access to the system while also offering the ability to efficiently monitor and manage all AV devices from a centralised, web-based interface. 
  • Remote configuration: Enterprises can easily and seamlessly configure, update, and manage all devices remotely, reducing overall maintenance costs. 

Why Is It Emerging?

A lot of organisations today are unable to achieve flexibility and scalability with their AV systems and accommodate evolving needs of the enterprise. With high-definition video demands surging, performance and quality take a real beating. To deal with this, many organisations patchwork their AV systems, making the ecosystem extremely complex and user experience highly inconsistent.

Furthermore, as many AV solutions pigeonhole into complex configurations, they demand surplus transmitters and receivers for expansion. Not only does this make the AV environment prohibitive, but also costly and difficult to control and manage. Overcoming these issues requires organisations to assign skilled personnel who can manage the intricacies of AV technologies, facilitate setup, and streamline communication experiences – which is not only costly but also tough, given the widening skills gap.

But AVoIP is set to change all this for the better. The convergence of IP technology with AV technology will allow companies to enjoy the freedom to design, configure, and reconfigure their AV systems to meet their growing needs – with virtually no restrictions in distribution or switching. 

Whether you need a highly sophisticated AV system for a hybrid meeting, want to set up a large conference in a boardroom, or set up multiple laptops in a small collaborative space, AVoIP technology can deliver the ideal AV solution. 

Extending your AV capabilities onto a network makes for a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective method of enterprise communication and collaboration. This ultimately paves the way for more effective meetings, high workforce productivity, process efficiency, and business planning.

How Can You Successfully Adopt AVoIP?

If you are looking to simplify and streamline your AV ecosystem and capitalise on the benefits of AVoIP, you need to tread the implementation path carefully. Engaging with a qualified AV solutions partner is the first step you need to take for guaranteed success. A qualified partner can bring all the required skills, knowledge, and best practice advice on how your organisation can leverage this emerging innovation and the changes you would need to make to ensure successful AVoIP adoption. 

At Resurgent, we believe in continuous learning to enable deep transformation. Our ability to revolutionise AV communication lies in our skills and expertise to make the workplace more effective. We can enable flexible AVoIP deployments, providing several options for using AV assets over larger distances and enabling your workforce to capitalise on powerful new capabilities. 

Our partnerships with OEMs and prestigious industry affiliations enable us to deliver superior AV services that result in high-quality communication experiences. We interface with IT teams across various touchpoints during project delivery and cater to bottlenecks as they emerge, so you can ensure the perfect AV communication setup. 

Contact us today to embrace the world of AVoIP to reshape communication possibilities, and significantly transform how you do business.

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