A vision of enterprise communications in the Metaverse

Gartner predicts that by 2026 about 25% of people will spend at least an hour a day in the Metaverse.

The metaverse is projected as a virtual reality you can’t escape. A paradox of modern times, it is increasingly becoming one of the most talked-about and (perhaps) soon the most visited place in the universe.

Matthew Ball – the Managing Partner of EpyllionCo and foremost Metaverse expert, investor, and writer, believes that the advent of three-dimensional environments and graphics-based computing will change numerous technologies, standards, conventions, and monetization models. The change will be a profound generational change that impacts how we live and work.

Emerging Themes in the Metaverse

While the world gears up for the various themes in the Metaverse that are ready to converge, it is essential to understand that Metaverse is a mirror image of the real world.

Let’s look at what the Metaverse is and how it will change how the world perceives it. What can it mean for enterprises and brands and their interaction with their customers?

There is no doubt that Metaverse is still in its nascent days. However, its infrastructure is getting built piece by piece and day by day. The enabling technology is evolving and maturing as we speak. Additionally, there is a significant shift in the social attitude of people, which signals that the world may be ready for the Metaverse sooner than expected.

No doubt, it would take some more years before Metaverse is fully developed. Still, the foundation stone has been laid, and the groundwork has already begun with the themes like video games, eCommerce, social media, and blockchain leveraging their huge user bases, as well as creator platforms, experiences merging with the virtual events.

Metaverse – Where Communication and Collaboration takes a New Meaning

Concerning the metaverse, the promise is that communication and collaboration will take on a new meaning. Think of a platform where virtual reality and augmented reality come together to create a world that appears real but is not. Think about avatars, virtual storefronts, digital currency, and even employees, and of course, customers who are also virtual. That is the metaverse for you and every business leader out there.

While the Metaverse is in its early stage of development, there are some other popular metaverse platforms where businesses can start building their initial presence. Decentraland; Sansar, and Somnium Space are a few of the metaverse platforms where companies can build their presence.

With the continuous advancement in the Metaverse, more and more brands would like to have their presence in this virtual space.

In simple words, the metaverse can be called the virtual reality’s internet. It will be a place where brands can have their presence and attract customers from all corners to interact with each other. It will also be a place where businesses can do business with other brands and trade with other brands. Businesses can leverage new opportunities for advertising and marketing and experience a boost in sales and ROI.

In the context of enterprises, interesting applications are already emerging to make learning and training more immersive and effective. The metaverse will also offer enhanced collaboration and networking opportunities to businesses and employees Picture this, as per the reports by the HBR, personal interactions are 34 times more effective than online interactions. Employee communications and collaboration options are being explored to enable virtual meetings and networking. Interesting themes are being explored around new ways of visualizing data and allowing collaborators to interact with it. Think of a pie-chart where the slices representing data segments can actually be carved out! The immersive nature and the deep engagement the metaverse promise seem to have ample real-world, real-money applications that enterprises of all sizes can adopt.

With the growth of metaverse technology, B2B businesses will be able to explore opportunities to build deeper relationships with their clients. The collaboration will be different from any other collaboration before on online platforms.

But this is not all. Metaverse will also transform other areas of the businesses, including departments like HR, R&D, and customer services.

Of course, given the immersive, realistic, and highly visual nature of the metaverse, it stands to reason that any application would demand high-quality audio-visual inputs and solutions. Let’s look at that next.

The Role of AV solutions in the Metaverse

With all the immersive technologies at a play in the Metaverse, the Audio-Visual solutions become all the more critical in the world of the Metaverse. The images and audio that -plug into the AR and VR devices and that form the foundation for the immersive landscape of the metaverse will have to be built on powerful, high-quality, high-speed, low-latency, and life-like audio and video inputs. Apart from top-quality devices, there is also a need for carefully planned deployment and integration with the various software elements that make up the metaverse. As business applications start taking shape, users will need more handholding and support as they start using new devices in new ways. It’s likely the metaverse applications will demand flexibility and mobility and the AV solutions used will have to enable that. All in all, the AV solution could become a powerful asset or a weak link in the metaverse strategy of an enterprise.

One of the examples of the usage of the Metaverse in some of the specialist applications is Ericsson. The telecom vendor uses an Omniverse Enterprise Solution by Nvidia to build virtual worlds like a city’s downtown for it to visualize and understand it better.

Wrapping up

Resurgent is your AV integration partner that applies a human-centric approach to ensure that the technology proves to be an enabler and not a barrier to effective communication.

Resurgent offers AV solutions that go beyond the spaces, connect people across various locations and empower your team as they all work toward a common goal.  Connect with us to understand the full power of AV – even before you adopt the metaverse.

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