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Why AV Systems Are Becoming Easier and Complex at The Same Time ?

Why AV Systems Are Becoming Easier and Complex at The Same Time ?

Audio-visual (AV) systems are signposts of digital innovation. These highly visible systems help streamline business operations while ensuring user-friendly options for collaboration and communication.

Companies are already reaping numerous benefits from AV technology. From the healthcare industry to the IT sector, this technology furnishes seamless solutions for meetings, collaborative projects, customer interaction, and everything in between.

In simple words, audio-visual integration helps bring together visual and audio endpoints in a manner that suits various business requirements — improving in-house communication, enhancing the branding process and streamlining otherwise sophisticated operations.

Owing to the proliferation of consumer-based technology, organisations constantly seek to modernise AV technology. According to a study by Digital Journal, the global Pro AV market is expected to grow at the rate of 11.50% for the next few years. Much of this surge can be attributed to improved AV technologies that are relatively simple to install, use, and maintain.

How User Experience Is Driving the Modernisation of AV Systems

Audio-visual services are increasingly becoming influenced by options for digital integration. The following are the ways how AV systems are becoming user-friendly, i.e easier to use.

Collaborative Meeting Spaces

Amidst the pandemic, a complete paradigm shift has occurred in how working spaces are realised. Businesses have adopted a “remote-first” mindset, something that accrues several benefits but isn’t without its challenges. 

Consider this; for any organisation, a meeting is a collaborative effort. Exchange of ideas, presentations, and feedback is a part of work, but creating a similar environment in a remote working space is challenging. 

To help with that, we pack AI-powered smart features and handling and scheduling capabilities, among others, into Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. This assists in connecting people worldwide to flexibly collaborate on projects in remote working spaces.

Improving Communication

Effective communication is crucial in any workforce, especially for enterprises with remote working teams. With voice-over-internet (VoIP) alone, in-house and external communication becomes hassle-free.

AV technology, chat rooms, and VoIP can enhance internal communication systems drastically. In fact, Business Wire expects the mobile VoIP market to become as high as $183.7 billion by 2027

Wireless Presentations for Events and Collaborations

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, events and conferences had to take a remote-first approach. Thanks to wireless presentation AV systems, around 47% of companies from various industries could cut travel expenses.

Unlike consumer wireless dongles, commercial presentation systems work to enhance collaboration during conferences, meetings, events, etc.

This enables multiple presenters to share ideas, concepts and presentations and subsequently encourages performance exhibits. Additionally, content encryption offers secured interaction so that people outside the space cannot record or listen to anything. 

Dealing with Sky-High Expectations

The user and consumer-centric model has led to unparalleled innovations. Video-conferencing, meetings, and digital collaborations are now happening with a click of a button. Understandably, users refuse to go through any hurdle for these tasks. 

This means the equipment needs to be updated with the right software solutions and powerful features at all times. The network must be strong and fast without any device malfunctioning. Users also expect AV systems to not only work but also improve with time. 

That said, making the solutions easier to use requires some complex expertise at the back end. As they say about the duck, looking calm and unruffled on the surface is only possible due to furious paddling underwater.

How Collaborating with AV Solution Providers Makes Things Easier for Businesses?

Audio-visual solution providers like Resurgent work as a single point of contact for all your AV system needs. The benefits go way beyond delivering the world’s best products and their installation. AV system integrators provide expertise and convenience to facilitate optimum results.

Specialised IT Support

Expert AV solution integrators offer much more than installing innovative solutions. They provide peace of mind as well.

So, at any point, if businesses face technical issues that interrupt efficiency and productivity, the team of AV integrators can lend technical support. Some audio-visual companies may also offer cloud maintenance support to your AV system.

AV Solutions Design to Fit Specific Requirements

Every organisation is different. Thus, each company needs software and tools that cater specifically to its requirements.

For instance, holistic and customised AV solutions by Resurgent cater comprehensively to designing, procurement, and installation needs — thus, tailor-fitting the offerings to individual organisations and their operational sectors.

Some considerations of end-to-end AV solutions involve:

  • Analysis of the organisation’s needs
  • Audio-visual system design to fit the needs
  • Partnering with world-class equipment manufacturers and developers
  • Installation and integration process
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Technology-Specific Solutions

With the rapid pace of digital transformation influencing every industry, it is hard to keep up with every update. Access to updated technology allows teams to compete with the market.

This is where you need solution-specific audio-visual solutions. Expert AV integrators interact with clients on how to implement the most efficient AV technology within their budget. The solutions align with the industry standards to reduce the chances of system errors.

Complexities with User-Friendly AV Solutions

AV integration relies heavily on the IT infrastructure for successful execution. Both ecosystems need to work well with each other. Besides, security issues and higher expectations create massive complications with AV implementation.

Infrastructure Issues in A Highly Competitive Market

report by Mordor Intelligence states, “the Professional Audio-Visual System Market is highly competitive owing to the presence of many small and large players in the market providing their solutions in domestic and international markets.”

AV systems use multiple wireless networks. Without proper infrastructure, customising a design and its implementation becomes a major hassle for AV integrators. It may even explicitly affect the associated sensors, security systems, and audio components. 

Security Challenges

With the innovation of more user-friendly AV technology, security is becoming a massive issue for AV solution providers.

Often a complex security system works at the backend for these solutions. With user-friendly devices, AV integrators need to optimise software and tools to maintain complete network security.

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, there are challenges that businesses deal with when implementing audio-visual solutions. However, the advantages far outweigh the challenges. The ultimate goal is to offer seamless and efficient AV solutions that offer a positive return on investment. After all, reliable AV systems enhance staff communication, collaboration, and productivity.

That’s precisely why we at Resurgent invest in making robust and seamless AV solutions a reality. We deal with tremendous sophistication at the backend and fold in industry-leading technology at the forefront. The result is characterised by improved usability, optimum performance, and seamless integration.

Book a free consultation to know more.

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