Why Today’s Enterprises Need Expert AV Systems Integrators, Not Hardware Sellers

The need today is to craft experiences as per the specific needs of the consumer. If you can enable easy-to-use technology, give freedom to users to innovate, and keep the user experience in mind at all times, you’re sure to craft excellent audio-visual experiences. But to achieve any of these, you must align yourself as an organization beyond the sales aspect of AV hardware.

Enterprises Would Do Better to Partner with Providers Who Create Powerful Solutions – Beyond Hardware

The importance of good AV products is undeniable. You need excellent videos with unparalleled clarity that can pick up on images from across the room. That must be supported by high-quality audio systems that offer clear audio that can be heard by everyone. All these systems must smoothly function without any hitches so that your meetings/training sessions/ etc. deliver the maximum impact. The right equipment would explain material more effectively, be beneficial in learning, improve the quality of their presentations, improve the content, enhance communication, and facilitate collaboration.

At the same time, it’s not just about the audio-visual hardware products themselves. For example, we recently did a project with Azim Premji University. They wanted a world-class learning facility with the best in par technological integrations. APU aims to serve as a centre of innovation, collaboration, and as a stage for open learning. It was important to the APU that their partner for this project understood and aligned with their specific mission to create an interactive and engaging hub of student activities.

We quickly coordinated with our manufacturers to ensure timely delivery of our products. Using those powerful products as a foundation, we then leveraged our Integrated Project Management tools and Quality Control measures. We installed innovative spaces to nurture creativity and collaboration amongst both students and professors. We put our installations inside 67 classrooms, a large cinema hall, their auditorium, a seminar hall, a conference room, and more. These are specialized rooms with different types of acoustics. Each space has a different requirement. We carefully measured the requirements of each room according to their desired function and implemented the best installations that we possibly could. The project was a success, as Resurgent consulted with our many product partners to make sure any of the technology that was installed wouldn’t be surpassed by newer or better models by opening time.

Let’s look at another project we did, this time with WPP plc, headquartered in London. This is a multinational communication, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company that’s considered the world’s largest ad company. Its office located in Mumbai wanted a modern, dynamic workplace that would be able to create a real impact for its people and enable collaboration for ideas to thrive. The project involved catering to implementing LED lights and more, on multiple floors to welcome guests and clients. We also installed high-end collaborative solutions in huddle rooms, meeting rooms, corporate bedrooms, and other spaces. The facility had many divisible training rooms, dedicated VC rooms, Loop rooms with video walls, and more installations that played high-quality videos. Every space had different requirements.

In both the above examples, we did far more than just deliver high-quality AV products. We assessed all the different elements and put them together to create a wonderful experience for everyone using the devices. Using the best-of-breed products, we designed and implemented solutions to fit the exact needs of the enterprise.

How To Design Audio-Visual Solutions

You may wonder what goes into designing audio-visual solutions like those above. It’s more than just selling equipment. It takes experience, a forward-thinking mindset, and understanding the needs of the problem in depth. That way, you can tailor a solution that’s specific to each client. Then comes the work post-installation, wherein you’ll have to take steps to follow up to ensure constant performance. Expert solutions providers undergo the right training, use the right tools, develop the right attitude, and always go the extra mile to ensure they solve problems in the most efficient manner possible.

Effective planning necessitates your planning. Otherwise, you’ll encounter technical problems that can be difficult to navigate through at a later stage. For those looking for problem-free audio-visual systems, reach out to experts like us. We can help you create successful implementations that focus on both ease of use and technical performance. Both factors are a priority for successful AV systems design and daily use. That way users can focus on making the most out of their technology instead of wasting time later in the hopes of fixing it.

As you must have deciphered by now, it’s not enough to simply purchase the hardware. You need years of experience, technical know-how, an empathetic mind, and tons of creativity to craft the best installations that leverage the full power of the hardware too. Then only can you go ahead with your projects with the confidence that they’ll be long-lasting and exactly what you need? Let us help your enterprise projects take off too – beyond the hardware!

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