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According to a Credit Suisse Group AG report from last year, there are around 100 unicorns in India. Together, they have a combined market value of $240 billion. That includes sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, education, logistics, food delivery, and more. There are many more start-ups that are positioned to enter this group. 11 start-ups entered this club in 2021 alone. These companies are not the lean basement operations of the past. They are some of the best places to work in, with high salaries and perks that can compete with established companies. They have so much cash that when they spend it, it’s quite literally called “burn”. This blog is to tell these unicorns that investing in powerful and up-to-date AV infrastructure will help these start-ups stay ahead of the sea of competitors, establish their brand value, and communicate better.For instance, powerful AV used to create customer and brand experience centres will help establish the story of the company and create a strong image. That apart, having powerful AV solutions for high-profile meetings and presentations will project the professional image that will help them acquire marquee customers, make an impression with VCs and investors, and interface appropriately with business and government leaders. These companies are always extremely conscious of employee experience and AV solutions can play a crucial role in powering CxO communications with the growing cadre of employees in townhalls and addresses across locations and time zones. These startups are often in areas that are rife with disruption and they are often the folks doing the disruption. In that situation, employee training and upskilling are always a crucial focus. AV solution can amplify the delivery as well as the impact of such training courses. The same holds for recruiting, interviewing, and employee onboarding.

Powerful Impact from Holistic AV Technology for India’s Unicorns

Improves Communication

AV applications aid processes such as scheduling and coordinating department meetings, client meetings, and conference calls. Tech start-ups especially need reliable and flexible audio-visual tools.

One handy tool would be flexible microphone solutions. These are perfect for the lively spaces start-ups are home to. Here, employees move from group brainstorming sessions to various types of meetings, conference calls, and video calls, and so on. Audio solutions help foster clear communication between individuals, whatever the purpose. Ceiling microphones, beam-tracking, and tech that provide 360-degree room coverage are all useful for improving communication in these high-energy environments.

Then there’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) tech or Unified Communication systems (UC), which fosters better communication between staff members. VoIP technology allows staff to connect with remote teammates, too. As we’re at a time when start-ups and large, established companies are both increasingly hiring remote employees, such technology will continue to play an important role in communications.

Using the services of an expert audio-visual integration partner means ensuring that all this technology is correctly installed and helps meet the communication goals of the company. It’s an important investment as poor communication or miscommunication can result in expensive results.

Keeps Things Organised and Collaborate Seamlessly

AV technology enables employees to keep their call database, files, contacts, and meetings systematically organized and almost acts as a digitally-enabled virtual assistant. That helps save time and money by creating avenues for seamless collaboration.

One such application is digital content sharing. Here, collaborative applications let users share files using an app. There are also digital whiteboards, which allow remote and in-room participants to view the same content together, in real-time. These AV applications help store and present information in a simple and streamlined way and allow the dynamic employees of startups to work together as one.

What Kind Of Start-Ups Can Benefit From AV?

1.      E-Commerce

AV applications for e-commerce companies include integrated conference rooms, reception areas, break rooms, and other spaces for meetings and gatherings. The AV solutions provider can install lasers, film screens, presentation cameras, various types of speakers, and an all-encompassing control system. That can be further strengthened with interactive technology, cloud-based conferencing, and other world-class AV products. These will improve efficiency, increase collaboration, and enhance presentations.

2.      FinTech

The BFSI and financial services industry has many helpful applications of AV technology. These improve customer experience and streamline several operations. Banks themselves have upgraded their infrastructure with AV tech to improve floor space usage and increase productivity. Another benefit is delivering automated in-person service and attracting new customers. Technologies include facilities for video calls, digital concierge services, private rooms equipped with cutting-edge video conferencing systems, large LED display technology, video walls, and more. An additional benefit when these are operable using simple mobile apps. These can also be used to manage lighting, sound, and HVAC systems.

3.      Enterprise Start-Ups

Within the enterprise, AV technology facilitates efficient remote working, effective training processes, and more. The technology that is used includes AV infrastructure in huddle rooms, conference rooms, and other collaborative spaces. Digital signages can be integrated into AV systems and their displays can be consistently updated with real-time information. That helps assist people in finding directions and sharing important news. Cloud computing further supports all these applications. In enterprise start-ups, that’s are especially helpful as they can be easily scaled up without much stress over hardware.

4.      Health Tech

AV communications for healthcare start-ups include infrastructure for real-time voice and video communication. These create better modes of communication amongst doctors, patients, physicians, medical staff, EMS workers, medical students and instructors, and more. They’ve streamlined diagnosis and treatment and help share information and research effectively. Healthcare is rife with certain situations where patient information needs to be available to everyone for discussion, diagnosis, and management. AV technology provides methods to accomplish these tasks.

AV technology also helps professors, students, and doctors to communicate via an audio/visual medium. Similarly, some applications help remote consultation and diagnosis. There has been an incredible impact on modern medical technology on diagnosing and treating disorders in remote locations.

5.      Ed Tech

There have been several instances that show how audio-visual tools are great assets in the learning space and education/edtech startups are aware of the potential. They make remote learning more engaging. Educators can benefit from using professional displays and projectors in blended and online classrooms. That includes using interactive displays with multi-touch and whiteboard capabilities, external webcams and headsets with microphones, and more. These help in maximizing learning and productivity by creating bright and clear visuals with minimal noise and distraction.

There are many more ways AV technology can boost the processes in start-ups. It’s increasingly beneficial for them to invest in durable and dependable AV infrastructure with a trusted partner. Doing so will streamline processes, cut costs, and make customers happy in the long run. Partner with us today and see how AV solutions can enhance your start-up.

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