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How Modern Healthcare Uses AV To Inform, Engage, and Comfort ?

How Modern Healthcare Uses AV To Inform, Engage, and Comfort ?

AV capabilities are now proven impact-enhancers amidst the ever-evolving healthcare industry, especially when it comes to improving the patient experience. Patient care is rapidly evolving its cross-departmental communication channels to offer clarity, better engagement and collaboration, and ease of use. With video conferencing, for example, all this becomes easier. 

Today, AV solutions can be purpose-specific with tailored hardware for the healthcare sector. Robust and innovative AV accommodates clear communication and high speed to ensure healthcare professionals can securely share their patient records like digital X-rays, MRIs, and scans. Such a system in place also ensures collaboration through inbuilt visualisation solutions.

AV Technologies – A New Approach to Healthcare

AV solutions for medical institutions and hospitals focus on clarity and precision. Today, highly advanced medical-grade AV cameras and displays, zero-latency transmitters, and DICOM-compliant technology enables improved training, faster decision-making, and better patient care.

Audio-visual solutions are essential for all healthcare departments, including medical imaging, diagnostics, operation theatres, remote specialist support, patient information system, training and meeting, medical education, and beyond.

For instance, zero-latency transmitters and receivers play a crucial role in transmitting signals to facilitate decisions. Medical-grade AV systems can stream content in the training rooms and seminar halls with clarity to enable faculty and students to observe events in detail.

Medical diagnostics and imaging are other areas that largely depend on AV systems. During diagnostic procedures and surgeries, healthcare professionals depend mainly on sharp AV to make lifesaving decisions. High-end diagnostic film imagers with DICOM-complaint Capture Stations linked to the surgical cameras deliver clear HD content. The content is often archived and shared for training purposes.

In fact, AV capability ensures better communication and collaboration amongst the core personnel within an organisation. The immediacy and spontaneity of technology are crucial in offering support to make quick decisions – especially in matters of life and death.

AV Technology Trends in Healthcare

While several AV trends are emerging to transform healthcare, here’s our list of the top trends to follow:


Telemedicine is a broad term that encompasses various technologies like virtual health, telesitter, telehealth, virtual nursing, etc. This has gained enough traction in the wake of the pandemic. In essence, telemedicine is more time-efficient and hassle-free for doctors to review patients – thanks to the advanced AV solutions powering it.

High-end screens and displays, improved communication platforms, etc. – all come together to add to convenience without affecting the quality of healthcare. For instance, video technology makes it easier for doctors to check their patients irrespective of their location. The pandemic has further encouraged the use of audio systems and cameras to enable caregivers to monitor and communicate with their patients without entering the patient’s rooms. This saves the response time of caregivers and the cost of PPE. For acute and infectious conditions, patients can consult a doctor through video technology using their smartphones.

Technology-enabled Learning

Technology has revolutionised the concept of learning by replacing traditional whiteboards with 4K monitors, custom tables, and advanced equipment. Virtual and enhanced learning with robust AV solutions is a game-changer. Students can now complete their virtual clinics, watch videos, and grasp faster. Educators and professors also benefit from the technology, which enables them to reach remote students.

Resurgent, in collaboration with SIMStation (the leading AV system manufacturer), facilitates advanced medical education, clinical simulation, assessment and exam procedures, disaster control, and aid organisation tradition. Together, we bring to you superior AV solutions for medical simulation and learning centres.

Large AV Network

Technology is only useful when an extensive network upholds its value. AV networks have become the need of the hour. They are no longer optional but more of a necessity. Healthcare technology depends on an all-encompassing network infrastructure that stores and transfers data as and when needed.

As the size of the network increases, it benefits in many ways, more than data. For instance, MRIs are transported within a few seconds. Likewise, patient rooms in large hospital settings can have telehealth screens to foster a robust network.

Digital Signage

Resurgent’s Patient Information System is an ideal example of enhancing patient experience by using AV technology to help them with necessary directions within a healthcare institution. For instance, digital signages provide minute-to-minute information in the waiting areas and reception, while Surge+ technology helps visitors navigate using the digital KIOSK or app.

The Impact of Advanced AV Technology on Healthcare

By far, advanced AV technology in healthcare has encouraged cutting-edge telemedicine solutions and life-saving medical devices. The healthcare sector has always been at the forefront of trending technologies. Innovation taps into every aspect of the experiences of a patient when they step into a hospital or medical facility. With AV technology and equipment, patients can have a better experience while they wait for their turn to see the doctor.

AV solutions not only facilitate routine tasks like video conferencing but also make team collaboration more interactive and engaging. Overall, technologies like AV, AR, and AI are bringing in some new changes in patient care and experience. Technologists and integrators are entering the AV spectrum with the hope of better communication, prompt care and support, and more. 

But the only way to enhance patient experience is to address their concerns, listen to their needs, and deliver what they seek. Thankfully, modern AV technology makes it easier to deliver prompt patient care and pave the way for innovation regularly. Be it reporting, information exchange, or virtual patient care, AV solutions and technology enhance overall patient experiences and improve caregiving.

Resurgent offers industry-leading AV solutions to delight patients, modernise the healthcare facility and empower healthcare professionals. Explore more here.


Healthcare is the cornerstone of a community. There are inherent expectations of patients and professionals alike for establishments operating at the highest standards. Today, with AV technologies, the healthcare community can operate viably to deliver informative, engaging, and comfortable experiences. 

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