Today’s Digital Workplace and the Central Role of AV

Businesses across the world have long been toying with the thought of digitizing their workplaces in a bid to boost employee productivity as well as improve business agility and become more competitive. In a sense, this was a race to match the speed of digital transformation. However, it took the COVID-19 pandemic to push workplace digitization to the top of business priorities. 

Building a robust digital workplace and effectively scaling it to meet uncertain needs has now become crucial to enhance productivity, minimize disruption, and set the foundation of a crisis-resilient and agile enterprise ecosystem. Technologically-advanced and customized Audio Visual (AV) solutions have a big role to play in the building (and scaling) a digital workplace by enabling employee communications, to create interactive experiences that enhance workplace collaboration and smoothen workflows. 

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The rise of the digital workplace

As employees today get increasingly tech-savvy in their personal lives, they expect the same level of sophistication in their professional lives as well. This means being able to easily communicate with colleagues, share information and ideas with them, and work and collaborate together on projects – no matter how geographically dispersed they are. All this while using technology that allows them to concentrate on the job at hand, rather than being distracted by the complexity of the solution being used.  

Of course, similar motivations govern customer preferences too. They seek out immersive experiences, seamless communications, and intuitive processes as they go about the various tasks that make up the buyer journey. 

There are several reasons why the digital workplace concept is getting increasingly popular around the world: 

  • Globalization has resulted in companies setting up offices spanning several different countries and continents. This increases the need for impactful multi-locational communication and collaboration.
  • The several advancements in digital technologies compel organizations to embrace them or run the risk of appearing irrelevant and losing out to the competition. 
  • The surging expectations of the modern employee that wants to be able to communicate and interact with peers as seamlessly as they would in face to face conversations. 
  • The sudden shift to remote work culture, thanks to the global pandemic which has completely overturned the so-called “normal operating model”. 

The role of AV

It’s clear that as the need to effectively communicate and collaborate intensifies, setting up a digital workplace has become important for business success. 

Modern AV solutions are a great way to allow employees to communicate effectively with peers and customers across different locations, time zones, and languages and do their jobs with enhanced efficiency. Such modern solutions help the employees interact easily with each other, collaborate impactfully, and focus their energies on delivering value and achieving success in their tasks. 

From auditorium solutions to the conference rooms, Meeting Rooms, Huddle Rooms, training space to experience centers, and more – today’s AV solutions are transforming the digital world, in multiple ways. Here’s how AV solutions play a key role in today’s digital workplace:

    1. Drive communication and collaboration effectiveness: AV solutions offer a range of modern capabilities such as interactive displays, so people can work together on one screen that can be used by everyone. Such capability helps create a highly functional collaboration space where employees can meet, discuss ideas, and work on projects. What’s more, the ability to share multiple screens means employees from different locations with different ideas and points-of-view can easily capture and share information and effectively communicate with each other. 
    2. Increase interaction: AV systems are also great at enhancing interactions between employees. Whether they are part of a large conference call or seated in an auditorium, attending a training module, or just collaborating with a handful of peers – AV installations create and allow for more interaction between people while enhancing comprehension and engagement. The wrong AV solutions can distract employees and distort intent. In contrast, the right AV solutions can enhance the impact of the content and drive home the crucial points to great effect. 
    3. Enhance productivity: Modern AV solutions enable seamless communication across a geographically dispersed workforce, helping employees get easy access to the resources and people they need to do their jobs. Because employees can reach out to peers who aren’t in the same room (or office or even country), such communication helps improve efficiency and productivity while constantly driving innovation and scale. They can focus on getting what they need to do their jobs rather than on the underlying infrastructure that makes that happen. 
    4. Drive engagement: The AV solutions’ ability to deliver immersive multimedia experiences to employees using intuitive touch display panels, interactive boards, wireless projection systems combined with Unified Communication Solutions helps create a high-quality environment in keeping with the vitality of the occasion. Employees can share content from anywhere, stream events live to remote employees and also record events for later viewing – resulting in fruitful engagement and information exchange at a global level
    5. Enable faster decision-making: For the modern digital workforce, AV solutions can convert day-to-day workflows into automated hubs that foster engagement and participation and maximize personal interaction. High-definition conferencing and smooth and productive communication across borders and time zones means employees can make better-informed decisions faster. 

As organizations look to empower the modern workforce, AV solutions offer a host of modern capabilities for hassle-free communication, and collaboration: from improving communication to increasing interaction, improving productivity to driving engagement and enabling faster decision-making. Modern AV systems have the ability to revolutionize the way business communication takes place – irrespective of where employees are located, what time of the day it is, or what device they are using. This could well be the unseen, but crucial, backbone of the modern digital enterprise.

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