Why Powerful MS Teams is More Than Product Licenses ?

If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. If you’re an enterprise using software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, that saying is true for you. In this context, you’re the man who needs to learn how to fish. AV integration experts like us are the ones who’ll teach you how to do it. Today’s blog should dispel your confusion about this rather strange allegory but will surely give our readers a deeper insight into why the modern-day enterprise needs far more than just off-the-shelf licenses.

Remote and Hybrid Working – The New Norm

Even after the pandemic slows down and it becomes safer for offices to open their doors, many companies will keep remote teams. That implies it will be essential to have uninterrupted meetings between employees who are dispersed over a wide geographical area. Due to this, many are adopting technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

But rather than just swiping a credit card and ordering your licenses, enterprises everywhere are realizing that they need to work with specialist AV experts (like Resurgent!) to make Teams or Zoom work for you. They know that you need to work out the design, implementation, and maintenance elements involved in making all the different components work together to create a powerful enabling environment for collaboration. 

It’s important for enterprises to manage their communication infrastructure, and create a good unified experience for everyone irrespective of their location. That needs a specific focus on implementing and designing the right environment within the office and across the offsite locations (read employee homes). That way, they can host meetings and participate in joining teams in person. You’ll need technology such as Crestron Flex, wireless presentation systems, and the right audio-visual tools that create robust mobile conferencing solutions.

Needless to say, all this is more than just purchasing licenses off a website.

Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms

One of the best tools to streamline workflows with is the Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. It’s beyond a meeting platform for businesses. You can also store files on the cloud, host online events for up to 1000 people, present your material more effectively, and more. If your team is working in an office or collaborating remotely, Microsoft Teams will be an indispensable tool for your company. Using this tool, users can create several chat groups, form channels for certain topics, contact each other through direct messaging, audio and video calls, and more. They can schedule meetings in advance and add participants, choose backgrounds, and do a lot more.

Users can also schedule meetings in advance, add participants, choose backgrounds, and more. They can use the Together more to bring all participants, no matter where they’re located, into the same virtual space. Audio calls have a special feature called Background Noise Compression, which would ensure less unnecessary noise interrupts the meeting. You can make voice calls, route and queue calls, and collaborate easily with these project management tools. Users can also share heavy files over the cloud, meeting transcripts, add Microsoft partner services and tools, and edit Microsoft Office files directly onto the platform.

Holistic AV Systems Integration

The people who’ll use the above technology aren’t in front of laptops. They may be in large rooms with many people sitting around a conference table or another variation of this. You’ll need the right cameras and microphones placed in the right positions to capture communications. The interface between these people joining online and in-person must be seamless and consistent. Enterprises must also integrate existing meeting room infrastructure, such as speakerphones and other such devices, into their solutions. Let’s take a look into what would come under holistic AV systems integrations.

Microsoft teams rooms scale to different room sizes; therefore, you’ll need certified audio and video peripherals based on the size and use of the room. Select the right core device and console. Combine these with speakers, microphones, cameras, and other displays for appropriate for the space you’re using. Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms into spaces of whichever size is appropriate for your work. That can include a small huddle space, up to large conference spaces, and boardrooms. There’s an entire set of available certified audio and video peripherals that can configure your room.

Our name is synonymous with excellent audio-visual technology as we are the leaders in the world of enterprise audio-visual communications. That’s because we make it easier for companies and people to get the audio-visual setup that they need to best utilize the excellent and expensive software that they purchased. Ever since our inception in 2008, we’ve been able to provide a human-centric approach to what we do.

That’s how we’ve redefined how our clients connect their teams, share ideas, and optimize their workflows. We partner with original equipment manufacturers and famous industry stalwarts to deliver superior end-to-end services. If you need to set up your conference room or another such space, regardless of size and requirement, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you ‘reshape’ your communications and transform the way you do business. That’s how we’re going to ensure you’re all set for a lifetime with your AV tech and not just a day. Call us to see how we work to help you work!

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