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5 Applications of AV in Today’s Hospitality Sector

5 Applications of AV in Today’s Hospitality Sector

The pandemic caused quite a few downturns in the hospitality industry, and it took some time for the sector to bounce back. However, the resurgence has been quite impressive because the sector introduced novel solutions to benefit the general public. With an impressive CAGR of almost 13%, the industry’s overall valuation may surpass 1,000 billion INR by 2030, making it a lucrative industry in all respects.

The adoption of new technologies driven by the shift from the pre-pandemic to the post-pandemic era has led to phenomenal growth. One such technological interventions point to the use of AV solutions. The hospitality sector implemented AV systems quite well as conferences became virtual+physical and check-ins became contactless.

Along those lines, here are a few of the most popular AV-based applications in the hospitality industry.

Levelling up the Business Meetings

The sector has been hosting board meetings, seminars, and conferences for a long time. But the return to “IRL events” post the pandemic-induced disruptions forced the hospitality industry to rethink its approach. The aim now is to deliver elevated levels of engagement and functionality. And that’s where the viability of AV solutions came to the fore. Boardrooms today are being equipped with smarter LED lighting, easy-to-use and impressive sound systems, and wireless as well as contactless presentation systems. By incorporating sophisticated AV solutions into hybrid and in-person meetings, the sector has been able to enhance productivity and deliver better meeting outcomes.

Interactive Signage for a Better Experience

The hospitality industry today is conscious of the need to offer its customers a variety of contemporary amenities, such as digital signage, video walls, and interactive designs. This helps enhance the customer’s overall experience at the facility while providing crucial information as well as enhancing the look and feel of the property. The top AV-based applications in the hospitality industry, therefore, include adding virtual displays to enable excellent brand positioning and interactive digital signage for better direction and engagement across the complex. The content being displayed across signages is easy to manage and modify via a smart backend system, as and when required.

Digital Check-Ins and Checkouts

Any industry that wants to meet the demands for the future must now work toward going contactless and facilitating self-service. Apart from conveying a “technology-first” image to visitors, this also reduces the reliance on people in an age when it’s proving hard to hire and retain talented staff. Digital kiosks for self-check-ins and self-check-outs allow the hospitality sector to quickly adapt to this reality. This not only saves visitors’ time but also lessens the staff’s workload when the lobby is busy. It can serve as an excellent beginning for a lasting first impression. There are even options for engaging with customers digitally, attending to all of their needs, and offering immediate assistance. This helps hotels to efficiently manage day-to-day transactions and ensure that all interactions between staff and guests are for more important and complex needs where the opportunity exists to build relationships and impress with deep service levels.

High-End AV Systems in Common Areas

The addition of AV systems is highly desired for public spaces like gyms, bars, and banquet halls. To enhance the overall experience of the customer using these areas, high-end lighting solutions can also be layered on top of the AV system. This gives customers a great impression of the extra amenities they can use while being on the property.

AV for Daily Operations

Audio-visual capabilities and integrated services can be used to enhance the experience of customers in a variety of ways. Making online bookings to use any service or ordering lunch without needing to call the front desk – all these activities are possible with AV integrations. Hotels are even providing a dedicated staff member to each guest for easy navigation through the property and answering all their questions in real time. This can be enriched by using smart AV solutions for communication and collaboration. RFID bracelets, portable cameras for stunning views, and more such interactive exercises prove to be a great use of AV interfaces in the hospitality industry on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of AV in the Hospitality Sector

Adds to the Brand Value

Better AV systems excel at exceptionally positioning the brand. The customers will love the place’s unique personality thanks to the amazing AV experience being facilitated throughout the complex. One of the top advantages that AV solutions offer, in particular, is the ability to use aesthetics to appeal to the customer base. Additionally, they aid in standing out from the competition, which ultimately draws more clients by word-of-mouth. Any service that offers high value is going to receive unbending brand loyalty from the customers.

Great Customer Engagement

Being in a technologically equipped space contributes to seamless customer engagement and interaction. The facility is better equipped to respond to guest queries, enable ease of navigation, provide instant assistance, and serve with expediency. This improves the customer experience while reducing the risk of complaints and aggravation. A design that is not confusing and doesn’t hinder the experience can serve to be highly beneficial for an overall enriching customer experience.

Easy Setup with Internal Management

It might seem that AV systems typically require extensive setup and management; however, that’s not true. The right AV systems can be quickly installed with little need for training. Once installed, they can operate in autopilot mode with minimal human intervention. Effortless communication is the real requirement. Thus, something that can be easily manipulated with minimal technical skills is needed. Most AV systems can be networked through a control system, via an internet connection and touchpad, making it an easy-to-do activity for anybody on the team.

In order to make your facility AV-powered, Resurgent offers a variety of unique and extensive products. We provide solutions and combinations perfect for standing out from the crowd – ranging from digital signage to wireless customer interaction devices. Get in touch to learn more about our offerings for the hospitality industry. 

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