Our Prediction of The Top Enterprise AV Trends of 2023

The enterprise AV industry is undergoing a transformational shift. The widespread and unstoppable growth of the hybrid workplace model has put the AV sector in the spotlight, with several forces driving its growth. As enterprises look to redefine how they connect teams, share ideas, improve workflows, and utilize spaces more efficiently, modern AV solutions are delivering superior end-to-end services that result in higher-quality communication, and thus, a seamless user experience.

Top trends and predictions

Industries and economies are flourishing but increasing competition and evolving needs often act as headwinds. With several uncertainties constantly plaguing the business world, the AV industry, like any other, is experiencing a metamorphosis of sorts. New technology trends, the emergence of innovative solution bundles, and vertical market demands are further elevating the degree of volatility.

As 2022 ends, not only is it important to reflect on the past year but also prepare for what the new year will bring. If companies want to keep pace with the rate of change, they must be conscious of all the innovations on the horizon. So, what does the 2023 outlook look like for the enterprise AV sector? What trends should organizations embrace to improve how people connect, reshape collaboration, and transform how they do business? Here’s our prediction of the top enterprise AV trends of 2023:

  1. There will be high demand for unified AV solutions vs. a suite of solutions: AV solutions that combine hardware, software, and services into flexible, dynamic, and easy-to-use packages will be in high demand in 2023. For instance, a single platform for unified communication, room scheduling, presentation, and device management will augment the AV experience for users across spaces and devices. Solutions like Microsoft Surface Hub that bring together whiteboarding, video conferencing, and projection will pave the way for more inclusive meetings and richer hybrid collaboration. MS Teams will continue to occupy centre stage as hiring and talent retention compulsions force modern enterprises to spread their workplace footprint to include regional centres, remote employees, and flexible work arrangements galore. It’s fair to say that this will be the most occupied Room in the 2023 office!
  2. Interactive displays will be in vogue: Interactive displays that simplify teamwork will be in vogue in 2023. With smooth pen-to-paper writing capabilities, advanced annotations, and a host of other intuitive UI features, displays like Samsung Flip that enable smooth collaboration will allow teams to share insights and expertise to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and design projects with ease.
  3. Digital signage will get smarter: In the coming year, digital signage will move beyond presenting static content. Solutions like PADS4 will get extremely dynamic and present data-driven content in ways never done before. From measuring footfall to streamlining customer support, and enhancing internal communication to effective room management – digital signage solutions will offer a host of smart capabilities to improve accuracy, enable remote management, and boost user experience.
  4. Video conferencing solutions will become all-encompassing: Video conferencing solutions that enable dispersed workforces to collaborate from anywhere will become a game-changer in 2024 and beyond. Whether employees are connecting from their offices, homes, or remote locations, solutions like Crestron Flex that offer high-performance video and wireless conferencing along with automated transcriptions and translations, voice control, and facial recognition features will elevate the meeting experience while overcoming the challenges of hybrid workspaces.
  5. Virtual collaboration solutions will increasingly integrate AI: As the global workforce gets increasingly hybrid, virtual collaboration solutions that allow small and medium rooms and even individual users to host and participate in immersive virtual meetings will be extremely sought after in 2023. Solutions like Jabra PanaCast that are engineered for intelligent AI-enabled personal video conferencing will help in navigating the global challenges of staying connected and productive. They will put safe and socially distanced meetings back on the table and allow teams to seamlessly adjust to the new normal.
  6. Screen mirroring platforms will become 4K UHD: Screen mirroring platforms with 4K UHD quality will enable users to wirelessly display high-resolution images and projects from their screens. Whether teams are using their phones, laptops, or tablets, platforms like AirServer with unmatched AV quality, wide compatibility, and ease of use will become an essential tool for presentation and collaboration, turning meeting rooms into virtual multimedia hubs.
  7. Efforts to enable the Metaverse will multiply: As the metaverse vision slowly comes to life, the AV sector will witness substantial efforts being put in place. With fully virtual workspaces expected to account for 30% of the investment growth by enterprises in metaverse technologies, the coming year will see several virtual spaces being set up to enable in-person like engagements, replacing physical face-to-face interactions while eventually enabling a fully-digital employee experience.

The AV sector is constantly evolving and growing, especially given the current economic climate. As the new year dawns, enterprises must be aware of emerging trends and explore new platforms and capabilities to improve employee communication and collaboration.

To meet the evolving needs of businesses and keep up with the changing dynamics of the hybrid workplace, organizations will need to embrace innovations across automation, AI, and remote management.

If you want to enable best-in-class AV integrations, we can help! At Resurgent, we have been ensuring future readiness and helping organizations meet their infrastructure and aesthetic goals for several years now. Get in touch with our team today to elevate your enterprise communication experience through the finer details and exceptional service.

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