Digital Signage Trends in the Post-Pandemic World

With the emergence of new technologies and the ever-increasing popularity of digital content, businesses are looking toward new approaches to engage customers in the post-pandemic world. In many ways, this is a new world. Organizations are trying to achieve more with less people. Support and administration tasks are staffed less than they used to be. In addition, people are more appreciative of contactless modes of transacting what they must. One way to progress in this world is with digital signage.

Digital signage is a type of media companies can use to promote their brands and products or provide information and direction in public spaces. As such, it contributes to enhancing the customer experience, elevating brand awareness, improving customer satisfaction, and optimizing promotional efforts.

For businesses across all verticals, digital displays allow them to reach customers in novel ways, bypassing traditional media channels. This concept of digital signage is so robust that Precedence Research estimates its market to reap a value of $38.63 billion by 2030, up from $21.9 billion in 2021. 

That said, this article analyses the trends in digital signage for the post-pandemic world and why it’s essential for businesses to achieve favourable outcomes.

Why Has Digital Signage Become Important in the Post-Pandemic Economy?

Digital signage can be employed in various settings, such as public spaces, museums, sports arenas, and corporate buildings. Here are some of the manifold benefits they accrue:

  • Digital signage facilitates personalized and engaging content experiences, as opposed to traditional media.  This leads to increased customer engagement, brand recall, and more.
  • They enable targeted communications, which can be customized to a wider section of the audience.  This feature is well-tailored to the needs of business owners who are looking for novel ways to promote their brands and products.
  • These ads stand out and have an excellent visual appeal.  They are easy for customers to process, thus, reducing the mental effort they have to expend to consume them.
  • The screens can be taken into consideration when construction plans are made, which means they don’t need to be installed at the last minute.  This reduces the costs associated with getting these advertisements up and running in time for deadlines.
  • The operation can be automated, as the digital content can be scheduled and updated in real time.  This makes it easier for businesses to maintain brand consistency and continuity.
  • There are additional financial benefits of not having to order replacement signs when the messaging changes.

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Top 5 Signage Trends Post-Pandemic

Regardless of your business type, digital signage is an excellent addition to any organization. Here are the top five areas where digital signage is trending.

Social Distancing Signage Solutions

Social distancing 6-feet-apart markers can be seen everywhere. While this trend was initially aimed at creating a healthy atmosphere, it has also led to the addition of floor graphics. People are more likely to look down at their phones in a store, so businesses can use this opportunity to promote their products and services.

Digitized Safety Notes 

Aside from social distancing, there are other regulations and rules that people should follow in public facilities after a lockdown. These include displaying important information, safety notices, and keeping clean. Since the pandemic hit, many companies have started developing more creative digital solutions, so there’s undoubtedly an opportunity for them to leverage this promotional intervention.

Advertisement Sign Boards

Businesses have started adopting new marketing strategies that will help them get through the post-COVID world, like the use of graphics and signs. The pandemic has resulted in huge demand for various signs and graphics. This includes billboards, illuminated letters, and pylon signs.

Creative Space Dividers

When the pandemic hit, everyone thought staying home was the best way to protect themselves. However, the world needed to get back to normal. This was the reason why room dividers were created.

Although these were initially known as sneeze guards, they became a new trend after the lockdown. They were used to create a more secure environment to prevent people from spreading germs. Many establishments also started using attractive room dividers, such as illuminated boxes. Aside from being used for branding, safety notices also allow businesses to provide more privacy.

Digital Navigational System

New wayfinding systems were created to encourage people to practice distancing themselves from the crowd. These systems quickly became popular, and customers could use them efficiently. Getting new signs and a navigation system can be daunting, especially if you’re not used to its complexity. However, these tools can be handy for businesses and public institutions that want to improve customer experience. 

Wrapping Up

Digital signage is a versatile tool that can be used for multi-faceted customer-facing use cases. It can help businesses get their message across captivatingly and entertainingly. 

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