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How AV Went From a Support System to a Critical Enabler Of Enterprise Performance ?

How AV Went From a Support System to a Critical Enabler Of Enterprise Performance ?

The corporate world has changed significantly over the past two decades. Technology-led solutions now take the lion’s share of budgets. Many companies have come to realize that they need to build an agile and resilient culture and processes to remain competetive. In most cases, they turn to technology to enable this. The IT ecosystem within enterprises has changed radically and has empowered a transition into new business processes and data-driven decision-making

This push to add technical prowess drives better customer experiences. It also helps build a more efficient organization that scales obstacles to allow employees to give their best. People across functions and roles are now empowered with the latest tools and resources to make their performance better and their lives easier.

It is in that light that one must examine the evolution of the role of AV. AV is winning on several fronts.

Today, among the biggest drivers of internal agility within enterprises are seamless collaboration and powerful communication experiences and Audio Video (AV) solutions are transforming this space like no other to enable robust performance, drive impact, and deliver value. AV solutions also form a core part of the solution-set that empowers business stakeholders to become more connected with the workforce. Powerful AV also helps deliver brand experiences that engage the customer and create the foundation for a deeper relationship. At the operational level, AV is helping improve visitor experiences, enable safety, and create immersive connected ecosystems that benefit employees and customers alike.

Today, business leaders recognize AV as a necessary resource that helps to build great employee and customer experiences. With the COVID 19 pandemic completely shifting corporate work policies and hybrid working becoming the new normal, AV solutions have an even bigger role to play in keeping businesses running efficiently.

This is why we say that the enterprise AV technology landscape has evolved from a support system into a key enabler of business performance thanks to this rapid proliferation of the digital-first mode of operations.

Let us examine 5 key ways in which AV is a critical enabler of enterprise performance today:

Empower Communication & Collaboration

Companies that foster a transparent communication environment with the right collaboration channels are more productive than those with constrained hierarchical and bureaucratic hindrances. However, for collaboration to be more effective, employees need more than just a decent-sized conference room. State-of-the-art AV solutions are redefining meeting experiences with larger screens, better audio integration, real-time streaming, and broadcasting. Allowing employees who are in the office or working remotely to collaborate in real-time with zero disruption virtually is a feat that is made possible by powerful AV tech that is available today. Such collaboration forms the foundation for high-performing teams.

Faster Experiences

Enterprises can equip their board rooms and meeting rooms with highly integrated AV solutions that can instantly connect and transform into interactive employee collaboration environments during presentations or meetings. Employees do not have to worry about arranging logistics for their meetings, setting up dedicated file sharing and resource management overheads as connected meeting rooms offer instant transition of the meeting room into the presenter’s control arm and offer a highly engaging and smooth experience for all participants. This makes meetings more productive and effective, geared towards action and result focused.

Better Presentation

Modern AV solutions enable seamless management of data and visual elements to be synchronized with projectors or screens fitted in meeting rooms and offer flawless controls to the presenter for building engaging experiences in their presentations. Using video conferencing combined with seamless virtual collaboration, AV solutions help business meetings to become more productive and engage participants better resulting in improved meeting outcomes. In interactions with customers, such meetings drive impact for better outcomes.

Interactive Customer Experience

Providing an engaging presentation is a critical need for customer meetings when decisions on partnerships or purchases are being taken. What if such presentations can be made less redundant and more immersive and awe-inspiring? This is possible with modern video walls and interactive meeting room AV technologies that help brands position their offerings in a more visually appealing and acoustically inspiring environment. Be it innovation centres, product or service experience zones, enterprises can validate powerful brand messages and radically improve conversion rates in engagements with potential customers by leveraging interactive video walls and integrated AV conferencing and virtual solutions.

Lower Cost

As the competition tightens, profit from services and products often have very thin margins. To counter lower profit margins, enterprises need to focus on cost optimization strategies that do not negatively impact their productivity. Travel costs account for a significant chunk of corporate budgets and a transformation in this area can help businesses to divert this budget for more core areas. AV solutions are emerging as the answer to this challenge. With modern and efficient AV technology and video-conferencing solutions, businesses can set up engaging boardroom and client meetings virtually with improved audio clarity and interactive real-time presentations. This allows them to reduce or eliminate travel costs significantly and also guards them against disruption in periods like the COVID 19 pandemic.

From wireless presentations to real-time video conferencing and collaboration, there are a large plethora of innovative AV solutions that empower enterprises to pump up their performance levels and offer a streamlined, simplified, and engaging experience for all stakeholders.

The only challenge they may face is deciding on custom AV solutions that align with their unique business objectives for communication and collaboration. This is where our experts can help you figure out the most unique and custom AV technology for your business’s needs. Get in touch with us to know more about building a powerful enterprise AV ecosystem to boost your business’s collaboration effectiveness and offer better customer experiences.

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