How Can Indian MNC’s Leverage Modern AV Solutions To Win In New Markets?

India is rising to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with phenomenal influence on global trade and socio-political fronts. The country of over 1 billion people offers spectacular opportunities for businesses worldwide to invest and nurture a large yet sustainable market for their products and services. But today, India is not just a destination for global companies to recognize as one of their key markets. Indian companies are outgrowing their domestic aspirations and expanding into foreign markets with massive investments as well.

From powerhouses like Tata and Reliance to technology companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc. there are thousands of Indian companies that have transformed into huge multi-national corporations. These companies have massive operations in several countries right across the world.

To compete with established names in different countries, Indian MNC’s need to bring into play all the unique differentiators that made them rise through the rankings in their home turf. Their established processes, workflows, customer experience measures, and standardized product or service offerings can help them win a fair share in international markets quickly. But to transfer such an operational ecosystem into another country and scale it to match local demand requires quite a lot of effort.

To simplify the effort and realize their growth ambitions internationally, Indian MNC’s can tap into a wide range of technology-powered solutions. That will help them build amazing experiences across new operational geographies similar to what made them market leaders in India in the first place.

Among these solutions, Audio Video (AV) solutions can help them build traction faster and replicate their success model across different countries. Let us explore a few ways in which AV technology is helping Indian MNC’s drive competitive advantage in international markets by helping to recreate the magic they delivered on their home soil.

Remote Collaboration

Even though the operations cross borders, there are a lot of activities and business processes that require seamless collaboration between staff in different countries and the core business centres back in India. Achieving collaborative efficiency when teams are separated geographically, requires a medium to virtually enable transparent communication and live interaction.

For this to be possible, state-of-the-art remote collaboration rooms or conference rooms can create the perfect environment. Using integrated audio and visual components that relay information in real-time between different locations, teams of multiple sizes can collaborate efficiently through live interactions with crystal clear audio and video feeds that virtually eliminate the physical presence barrier.

Unified Communication

While ensuring seamless and transparent collaboration between offices and teams in different countries are crucial to the success of an MNC, there is also the challenge of making available fair communication channels to employees irrespective of their work location. There are globally recognized software tools like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, etc. that help make internal communication between employees seamless. But the true success is when employees can establish uninterrupted information and data exchange channels through these tools while collaborating with their peers at the office or remotely, as well as with customers in different countries.

Meeting or collaboration rooms need to support integrations with popular communication tools and this is precisely where modern AV solutions can be the difference. They integrate well with platforms like MS Teams or Zoom or any similar software and ensure that meeting spaces can seamlessly transition into the respective software’s collaboration ecosystem. The beauty it creates here is that an employee can simply walk into a physical or virtual meeting room with a customer and with the touch of a button on the smartphone, transfer a virtual presentation or shared internal call on MS Teams or Zoom into the meeting room’s projector and carry on with their discussion without any interruption.

Standardize Learning & Training Initiatives

Hiring staff in different countries is instrumental in nurturing strong growth in the respective geos. However, the new hires need to be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to replicate the success the brand had in India. For this, there needs to be a very effective Learning & Training practice that a business must cultivate as a standard.

By using a wide variety of integrated AV solutions, companies can establish high impact training stations or rooms in their offices across different nations. These stations or hubs can help employees hired in those regions get a first-hand live impression and knowledge on how things work and what their work would be like. From multimedia lessons to wireless projection systems and integrated data sharing capabilities, training spaces can be made effective to cater to learning and training needs for any team.

Customer Experience Zones

Irrespective of the new region, where they have established a base, an MNC requires customer trust and confidence to win more business and sustain growth. Setting up customer experience zones wherein potential customers can have a virtual walkthrough of your business’s capabilities, experience live demonstrations, participate in interactive sessions, acquire knowledge about your offerings through visual presentations on a variety of devices and surfaces like massive video walls, etc. are instrumental in building a brand identity for the business in markets outside India.

As Indian MNC’s spread their wings across the borders, they need transformational solutions that help establish their credentials amongst customers in their target markets. To enable this, Indian MNC’s can leverage a plethora of audio-visual technology that can elevate both their employee as well as customer experience to unprecedented levels. Get in touch with us to know more.

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